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Erosion Control / Geotechnics

CoirProducts ( supplies a range of 100% natural and biodegradable coir and jute products for the use of slope stabilisation, soil erosion control, roadside protection, stream bank stabilisation, landscaping and erosion protection of drainage slopes. These products are also ideal for vegetation of gabions as well as for separation application in rural roads, railways, parking and storage areas.

Growers and Gardeners

CoirProducts ( supplies a wide range of 100% natural and biodegradable growing medium made out of coir as raw material, for growers and gardeners. Coir is a renewable resource. Coir products bring in many benefits, including their ability to retain water and provide aeration to the soil, which can help develop strong and healthy root systems. These products can be used for many years, and the use of coir means these products decompose into the soil, having minimum harm on the environment.

Animal Bedding

CoirProducts ( coco peat (coir peat)/coco chips (husk chips) are used as animal bedding by farmers given its comfortable properties, which can help keep animals healthy and comfortable.

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