Make your own foraged tabletop Christmas tree using our sustainable coir pot

Make your own foraged tabletop Christmas tree using our sustainable coir pot

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Want to add a little bit of woodland magic to your Christmas table this season? 

Kelly (ohhomelygirl) loves all things gardening, DIYing, crafting, flower arranging, and decorating, and often shares her gorgeous creative projects inspired by nature. In today’s blog post, we take a look at one of her stunning creations, the Foraged Tabletop Christmas Tree.

Read on to try it yourself! 

This Tabletop Christmas Tree is easy to make and affordable. And with our CoirProducts sustainable and ethically produced coir pot providing an ideal base, this creation is sure to leave your guests impressed. They are also the perfect gift for any nature lover! 

How to make your very own Tabletop Christmas Tree

With her love for forage, it’s no surprise that this Tabletop Christmas Tree was born out of a pile of discarded hedge cuttings. 

But first off, there are rules to abide by when it comes to foraging. 

  • Make sure you only take what you need, so as to not disturb the habitats and environments of the local area
  • Forage responsibly, do not trample or disturb the roots, and only take when there is an abundance of your chosen foliage
  • Don’t pick from private land without permission 
  • Only gather your forage from clean areas
X'mas tree with coir products

What you need:

1 x 13cm coir pot. They are natural, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly, and the perfect addition for that rustic look and feel 

  • 1 x floral foam brick 
  • 1 x stick that is about 60cm in length – a sturdy, dry stick is useful 
  • 1 x length of green tinsel 
  • Florist wire
  • Cypress branches or other evergreen foliage. Most hedge cuttings would be suitable for this. You can also use Christmas tree branches etc
  • Skimmia
  • Dried beans
  • Glue gun 

How to make: 

  • Add some stones or pebbles to the bottom of the coir pot, so it weight down the base and prevents the tree from falling over 
  • Cut some floral foam and fill the inside of the coir pot, a tight fit will help the stick stay in place 
  • Take the study solid stick about 60cm in length
  • Insert the stick into the centre of the foam – you might need to twist it gently until it reaches the bottom of the pot 
  • Apply some glue for extra sturdiness, if needed
  • Top with some fried beans to hide the green foam
  • Wrap the top half of the stick with green tinsel
  • Select around 40 branches, bind them in sets of 2, and secure them with florist wire
  • You will have around 20 springs of hand-tied foliage 
  • For the bottom layer of the tree, secure sprigs of foliage to the bottom half of the tinsel covered portion with florist wire, continuing all the way around 
  • Repeat the process three times, moving a little further up the stick each time, until you reach the top, layering the sections to create a full realistic looking tree
X'mas tree with coir products 2

That’s it! 

If you want to make a slightly bigger Tabletop Christmas Tree, we’ve got a range of unique sizes of sustainable coir pots to choose from, including in 15cm, 17cm, 23cm, and 28cm. Our smaller pots in 5cm and 8cm, while perfect for sowing seeds, can also be an added decorative piece. 

Don’t forget to share pictures of your very own Tabletop Christmas Tree! 

For more information and a short video, visit: 

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