Let the children lead the activities
We recently spoke with Stuart, a gardener at home and the school he teaches at,  Ashton Keynes School, and we asked him some questions about his growing at both school and home. Stuart tells us all about his own gardening adventures, and how he has incorporated gardening into his teaching, and discusses how gardening is […]
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Look after your soil
Our Grower of the Month for June 2021 is Chloe (Instagram: @myprettyplot). In this blog post, Chloe tells us about her gardening journey, from the time she started gardening when she was little to growing a variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables in her own garden now. She also reminds us how important it is […]
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We grow what we like to eat
Meet our Grower of the Month for May 2021, Jenny, @life_on_the_lot. In this blog post, she talks about how she started gardening to grow their own food and be more sustainable. Read on to find out more about her gardening journey. How and when did you start gardening/growing? I started casually growing around two years […]
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I love how gardening makes you feel
We’re happy to announce our Grower of the Month for February 2021. @stephs_allotment loves growing using an eco-friendly ethos, and loves how gardening gives her a sense of achievement and peacefulness, among other things. Read on to find out how she started growing, what she loves to grow in her garden, her tips for other gardeners, her […]
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My garden is very much a place for family
CoirProducts.co.uk Grower of the Month for November 2020, @mummybeargrows tells us how, these days, her garden is very much a place for family. Read on to get to know more about her gardening journey, from when she started gardening, to some of her favourite plants, and her future plans. How and when did you start […]
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Our support towards Chestnut Tree House
Do you know that when you purchase one of our products, you also contribute towards the children’s hospice, Chestnut Tree House? Chestnut Tree House provides a variety of specialist care for around 300 children and young adults with life-shortening conditions. Their goal, as they describe on their website, “is to provide the best quality of […]
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