Houseplants to brighten up your home
Taking care of houseplants is a gardening activity for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want to add some nature to your home, or you don’t have a garden to plant in, houseplants are the way to go. In this blog post, we talk about some easy-to-grow houseplants and how to take care of them. But […]
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Christmas with CoirProducts
Now that we are stepping into December, we will begin to see more lights being hung up, more trees being decorated, and a huge amount of festive celebrations taking place as Christmas returns for another year. A time to spend with family and friends, share gifts with each other, and drink lots of mulled wine, […]
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The work of a gardener never ends!
We recently spoke with Abby – an avid gardener who grows in allotments. We asked her some questions about her own gardening experiences, including what she grows, tips for new gardeners, and any future plans she has for her allotment and garden. 1.How and when did you start your gardening journey? “I’ve always been a […]
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Going peat-free with CoirProducts Coco Peat
Peat is the accumulation of partially decayed vegetation and organic matter. Found in natural areas such as peatlands, bogs, and moors, peat has its many benefits. For example, peat bogs are excellent ecosystems, home to many plants, birds, and insects. Also, because it is under water, peat is one of the world’s most efficient carbon […]
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I love the calm of the garden or allotment
We recently interviewed independent gardener Kirsty, and asked her some questions about her gardening journey. How and when did you start gardening? My first memory of gardening is helping my dad in the garden as a child. I remember being particularly fond of his poached egg plants and of course the fresh strawberries. What was […]
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