CoirProducts marks another first with groundbreaking 80L Coir Potting Mix

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CoirProducts of Salike®, a grower’s choice, UK’s largest coir portfolio, continues to bring innovative product varieties to gardeners and growers across the country. Marking a groundbreaking first, the company announced that its signature 5kg Coir Potting Mix block now provides over 80L of fluffy coir.

Coir Potting Mix, also known as coir compost, coir pith, and coir mix, is a completely natural and peat-free product. Crafted from the dust and fibres of the husk of the coconut, the CoirProducts 5kg Coir Potting Mix is a compressed block that expands when water is added.

Previously, the CoirProducts Coir Potting Mix 5kg block provided just over 75L of coir. Yet, with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them, the company’s stakeholders, who had been in the industry for more than two decades, embarked on an ambitious journey of bringing customers a product that gives them more value of money. The refined 80L block is driven by years of research, innovative product development, and dedication.

Significantly, with the holding company Salike® attaining carbon neutrality, CoirProducts guarantees a product that is not only of high quality, but also produced, sourced, and transported in an environmentally sustainable manner. The company has verified its greenhouse gas emissions as per ISO standards, while offsetting its remaining carbon footprint as per UNFCCC process.

Holding membership of global bodies such as Sedex and the Organisation for Responsible Business, CoirProducts of Salike® continues to put purpose over profit, complying with essential social and environmental legislation. As growers and gardeners become more eco-conscious, CoirProducts of Salike® remains committed to upholding its core values of honesty, integrity, and transparency, in creating greater awareness of how their products are produced.

The Coir Potting Mix 80L block is easy to use and store. With its natural properties, CoirProducts coir potting mix has excellent water holding capacity and air porosity, as well as facilitating drainage, which are some of the essential elements for plants to grow stronger and healthier root systems. With the innovative 80L block, growers and gardeners, can use a greater variety of their favourite plants and crops.

If you are looking to stock high quality, sustainable products, directly from the producers, get in touch with our business development team via [email protected] or visit

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