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For the older kids with an interest in plants, they can start to create their own garden. With a range of pots, discs, and coins, they’ll learn all about sustainable and eco-friendly gardening with CoirProducts!

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  • 10cm Coir Pots x 10
  • 5cm Coir Pots x 10
  • 10cm Coir Discs x 4
  • 25mm Coir Coins x 10
  • 38mm Coir Coins x 10

Made up of Coir Pots, Coir Discs, and Coir Coins, all in a range of sizes, this bundle is the ideal kit for older children with a knack for gardening. As with everything in the CoirProducts range, every product in this bundle is ethically produced and sourced to ensure environmentally sustainable gardening. And taking it a step further to be even more eco-friendly, this bundle is 100% peat-free and plastic-free.

100% natural and biodegradable, let your kids enjoy their ‘secret hobby’ and become experts of the gardening world with the perfect coir bundle.

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