50L coir bags by CoirProducts

CoirProducts launches new 50L coir bag range, including a first-of-its-kind coir compost

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UK’s leading coir portfolio, CoirProducts, a grower’s choice (of Salike), today announced the launch of its new carbon-neutral coir 50L bag range.

 Among the newly launched range is Coir Nutri(™), a revolutionary, 100% peat-free growth substrate crafted with de-composted coir and enriched with NPK. With innovation at the heart of its work, this specially formulated mix is developed by CoirProducts, blending age-old traditions with the inherent goodness of coir.

 Unlike other types of coir potting mixes, Coir Nutri functions as a compost, having gone through natural microbial activity and decomposition. While already rich in nutrients, the addition of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium means Coir Nutri helps give plants the extra boost they need for optimal thriving under ideal conditions.

 Alongside Coir Nutri, CoirProducts is also introducing Coir Plus, mixing traditional coir potting mix with nutrients, provides growers and gardeners with an easy-to-use, all-purpose growing media that’s suitable for a variety of plants and crops.

 In addition, CoirProducts signature coir potting mix now comes in 50L bags. The 100% natural, biodegradable, and peat-free Coir Vital Grow 50L bags are especially designed for robust root development and easy growing. Perfect for using indoors or out, the loose coir can easily be added to the ground or into biodegradable coir pots, ready for growing your favourite crops and plants.

 Since its inception, CoirProducts has been at the forefront of driving innovative change in the horticultural industry in the UK. Introducing groundbreaking, high-quality, never-before-seen coir product varieties to the UK market, CoirProducts continues to expand its portfolio, making its natural and peat-free growing range easily accessible for all types of growers and gardeners.

 The company is making strides not only in innovation, but also as a sustainable business, with this further solidified in its attainment of carbon neutrality, in accordance with ISO standards. With its products crafted in Sri Lanka, which is where the raw material is available, CoirProducts of Salike continues to take conscious efforts to minimise its impact on the environment. As part of these efforts, Salike was recognised for demonstrating its commitment to environmental responsibility by complying with the requirements of ISO 14064-1:2018, and have been verified in accordance with specifications of ISO 14064-3:2019 for its organisation-level GHG statement. The internationally recognised standard means the company’s full operational infrastructure is conducted in compliance with environmental best practices.

 With a range of new bagged coir potting mix varieties in the pipeline, CoirProducts continues to serve its customers with honesty, integrity, and transparency. In a fast-growing and fast-changing industry, the company is proud to have paved the way for many other such initiatives. Steadfast in its commitment to innovation and sustainability, CoirProducts not only continues to bring high-quality products, but also products that are trusted for their commitment to the environment.

 Garden centres, plant shops, nurseries can get in touch with the Business Development team on [email protected] or www.coirproducts.co.uk to see how best we can help you with the largest range of retail ready or wholesale coir-based products in the UK.

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