Making the most of spring gardening with CoirProducts

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There’s a saying, ‘April showers bring May flowers’. Flowers and plants are beginning to blossom, and we can’t wait to embrace all the colours and wonder that this spring brings!

Spring is a busy time for most growers, and we at CoirProducts are always at hand to help you with your sustainable gardening needs. We know we’ve been quiet lately with our regular blog posts, but that’s because we’ve been adding exciting new products to our innovative range. You might have seen our new coir bag range, and we can’t wait to share more with you in the coming months. At CoirProducts, our products are carbon neutral, meeting internationally-recognised ISO standards, which means you can use them knowing that they’ve been produced, sourced, and transported with the environment in mind.

In today’s blog post, we’re sharing some tips and tricks for making the most of spring gardening with CoirProducts. Read on to find out more.

Preparing your garden beds with coir potting mix

As you prepare your garden beds for the spring planting season, why not incorporate coir into your soil mixture? If you are new to using coir products, it’s a completely natural and biodegradable product crafted from the dust and fibres of the coconut husk. Its peat-free as well. Coir’s fibrous structure provides better drainage and aeration – essential factors for healthy root development and plant growth. Choose from our exciting range of coir potting mix that includes blocks, bricks, discs or bags. Simply hydrate coir bricks or blocks, and mix them into your soil adding any nutrients you need.

Seed starting with CoirCoins

For gardeners starting to sow seeds this season, we’ve got our trusted and much-loved CoirCoins. We’ll let you in on a secret about these sustainable beauties (well, it’s not so much of a secret really!) – they are unique in the market, coming with a fully biodegradable cover, compared to many other similar products that don’t have a biodegradable cover. They are also known for their high germination rates, and come in four distinct sizes, and is the perfect way to get your seeds started whether indoors or out. Its fine texture and moisture-retaining properties create an optimal environment for seed germination and seedling health. Simply add water and the CoirCoins will expand. You can place the CoirCoins on a coir pot or on the ground.

Moving away from plastic pots with coir pots

Coir pots are an ideal alternative to plastic pots. Completely naturally and biodegradable, a key advantage of using CoirProducts coir pots is that they allow plant roots to grow through the pot, which means, there is no transplanting shock if you need to repot the plant later on. Our CoirProducts coir pots come in a unique range of sizes, ranging from 5cm to 28cm, and if you are looking for something more, we’ve got some fun coir bundles to choose from as well. The smaller sizes are ideal to get your seeds started, while the bigger pots are great for some of those larger pots. Fill the pots with our peat-free CoirProducts coir potting mix, and add your seeds, keeping them in a suitable place for the magic to happen.

Mulching with coir mulch mats

As the temperatures rise and the sun’s rays become more intense, mulching becomes essential for retaining soil moisture and suppressing unwanted weeds. CoirProducts coir mulch mats offer provides all the benefits of moisture retention without the environmental drawbacks. You can choose from a distinct range of sizes too, ranging from 12cm to 100cm. Simply place our CoirProducts coir mulch mats around your plants, and let your garden flourish under its protective embrace.

Sustainable gardening practices

At the heart of our work is our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Unlike peat moss, which is harvested from delicate ecosystems, coir is a renewable byproduct of coconut production. Being carbon-neutral, we bring you a product that is carefully crafted with minimal harm on the environment, and something we can all be proud of. With its host of natural goodness, by choosing CoirProducts, a growers choice for your gardening needs, you’re not only supporting sustainable practices but also contributing to healthier soils and ecosystems for generations to come.

As you embark on your spring gardening journey, consider incorporating coir products into your routine. From preparing garden beds to starting seeds, nurturing your plants, and mulching with care, coir offers a world of possibilities for sustainable and successful gardening. So roll up your sleeves, dig in the dirt, and let coir be your trusted companion as you cultivate a garden that blooms with beauty, abundance, and vitality. Happy gardening!

From The Earth, Back To The Earth! 

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