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Celebrating World Environment Day with CoirProducts

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Did you know that, globally the equivalent of one football pitch of soil is eroded every 5 seconds? Yet, it takes 1,000 years to generate 3 centimetres of topsoil. These statistics from UNEP are quite alarming! And with some countries facing increased impacts of water stress and land degradation, this year’s World Environment Day reminds us of the importance of ‘land restoration, stopping desertification, and building drought resilience’.

At CoirProducts, helping our environment the best we can is something we recognise not just today but also every day. And as a group, we’re proud to have been doing this for many decades, championing sustainable practices before many others. From providing products that are produced and sourced sustainably to attaining carbon neutrality, we are deeply conscious of how our choices impact the environment around us. In fact, one of our earliest contributions to environmental events was with our support for Earth Hour initiatives in 2007, which is where we source our raw materials from. 

As a company driven by purpose rather than profit, we believe in the power of community and togetherness. This is why, we continue to work with local communities in creating awareness, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, supporting grassroots efforts, and empowering the next generation of green ambassadors. Like we often say, glossy adverts are not our strong point, so the work we do behind-the-scenes is very important to us. 

This is also why attaining carbon neutrality was important to us. As part of this process, we undertook detailed stock of our entire operation process, meeting the stringent ISO standards. We also offset our carbon footprint as per UNFCCC standards. It was key to us that we follow internationally-recognised standards, ensuring transparency in our operations, bringing you a product that is truly trusted, and crafted with the utmost care and concern for the people and the planet. 

We live in a fast-changing world, where our ecosystems are challenged more than we know it. The sustainable coir products we manufacture, and supply are resilient in so many ways – they hold water and moisture, help provide essential elements for the soil as they decompose, and help your plants build stronger and healthier roots. They are safe for the planet and beneficial for plants. 

We are big believers of little action! This world environment day, we also want to thank you – our wonderful gardening community – for being our biggest cheerleaders! We are in awe of your inspiring stories, your trials and triumphs in the garden, and your hopes for the future.

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