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As winter is drawing in and the days are getting colder, we spend more time wrapped up cosy, in the comfort of our own homes. But we don’t think the passion for gardening should stop just because the weather says otherwise. Maybe we don’t have time to get in the garden over this festive season, so why not incorporate two of our ABSOLUTE favourite things. Christmas and Coir!

Introducing our brand new “Cosy Christmas with Coir” Indoor Growers Bundle so you can get your gardening on from the comfort of your warm home this christmas! Our exciting new bundle includes:

17cm Coir Pot : Being able to stand alone, retain water and provide great air flow to your plants, our Coir pots are the perfect houseplant home. It also adds a rustic charm to your home, perfect for the cosy Christmas atmosphere.

13cm Coir Disc : What a perfect pair! Expanding into 13 litres of Coir Potting Mix when hydrated, our 13cm Disc expands to fill your pot perfectly, whilst assisting with great aeration and water retention. This perfect pair means you can grow whatever you fancy this Christmas with ease and assurance that Coir has you covered! 

50cm Grow Pole : Now where would our Christmas bundle be without a grow pole to help your climbers reach those heights this christmas. Why not make your home a rustic wonderland with the all natural grow pole to support you.

A Festive FairTrade certified Bag : What better way to bring together your favourite indoor growing tools than a festive sustainable FairTrade certified Bag to save and use for later! 

Indulge in the joy of Christmas while immersing yourself in indoor gardening during these chilly months. The “Cosy Christmas with Coir” bundle promises not just a collection of gardening essentials but a holistic experience where nature and festivities seamlessly meet to bring you the utmost amount of joy!

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