Coconut shell birdnest

Eco-friendly and elegant coconut shell bird nests from CoirProducts

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You don’t need to be a nature enthusiast or bird lover to notice the intricate craftsmanship our feathered friends put into building their nests. Crafted with our environment in mind, CoirProducts coconut shell bird nest is the perfect blend of elegance and eco-consciousness. While its natural look and feel adds a touch of rustic charm to your balcony or outdoor space, it is also functional, providing a cozy sanctuary for birds in your garden. In this blog post, we delve into the unique charm and characteristics of our coconut shell bird nests.

The eco-friendly appeal

Our bird nest is handcrafted from discarded coconut shells, and they provide an eco-friendly alternative for birds seeking shelter and safety for their offspring. These shells, which might otherwise go to waste, reflect the natural environment around our feathered friends.


Coconuts are a sustainable resource, and repurposing coconut shells for bird nests aligns perfectly with our eco-conscious work and practices. By encouraging the use of coconut shells, you also reduce waste.


Unlike synthetic materials that can harm the environment, the coconut shell is a completely natural and biodegradable material. As the shells break down over time, they return valuable nutrients to the soil. When its life cycle is complete, it returns to the earth, leaving no trace behind.


The fibrous material of the coconut shells offers good insulation, helping to regulate temperature and provide a comfortable environment for nestling.

A variety of designs to choose from

Our coconut shell bird nests are available in a variety of designs, so make your pick! It’s all available here:

Elegantly carved

Not only are our coconut shells crafted with the utmost care and concern for people and the planet, but they are also intricately carved. Combining creativity, innovation, and our passion for the environment, these coconut shells are elegant and ecological works of art.

 Cozy and secure

Coconut shells provide a sturdy and protective structure for bird nests. The hard exterior offers some protection against predators, while the natural curvature of the shell provides birds with a cozy and secure space.

Elegant and eco-friendly, our CoirProducts coconut shell bird nests come with a host of benefits. Providing birds with a comfortable home, their earthy tones help these coconut shell bird nests blend with their surroundings.

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