Looking back, looking forward

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As we reflect on what has been an exciting but also challenging year, there are so many lessons that we’ve learnt and we look forward to carrying with us in the months to come.

 We’re proud of the many firsts we’ve accomplished in our journey. We started CoirProducts with the aim of bringing never-before-seen coir product varieties to the individual grower, making them easily accessible for all. We’ve kept true to our word, continuing to expand our natural, peat-free, and sustainable range, where there is something for everyone, from new and seasoned growers to nurturing the next generation for gardening enthusiasts. 

With each product crafted from coconut, and with the utmost care and concern for people and the planet, we are proud to say that we’ve continued to build on our commitments to our environment. At CoirProducts, sustainability lies at the core of our business philosophy. With our purpose-driven approach, we are mindful of the decisions we make. Attaining carbon neutrality in our operations in the UK as well as in Sri Lanka, where we manufacture our products, was a significant milestone for us and one that we are incredibly proud of. We will continue to build on our commitments to the environment in the coming year.

This year, we continued to share knowledge and advocate for issues we care about. We truly believe in the power of gardening and community for positive change. This is why we highlight inspiring stories of growers and gardeners as well as raise awareness on the wider benefits of gardening especially for our physical and mental health and wellbeing. We’ve continued to support community and school gardening initiatives.

We are excited about what more we can do in 2024 to support communities and charities here in the UK, partnering with local individuals, businesses, and organisations in supporting #GrowLocalSupportLocal efforts.

More than anything, we are grateful for the incredible partnerships we have built with the gardening community, and the support we continue to receive from our customers and partners. We are truly humbled that you continue to be a part of our journey, and as the year ends, we want to say ‘thank you’ for your generous support! 

We are also thankful for our amazing and ever-growing team at CoirProducts for their hardwork and commitment, which continues to make a difference in how we conduct our business. 

In an industry where it is easy to be driven by profit and external disruptions continue to challenge what we do, it is our unwavering dedication to purpose over profit that sets us apart. We are committed to placing people and the planet at the forefront of our work, and in the coming year, we look forward to building new partnerships embodying our commitment to creating a better world for all.

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