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CoirProducts Coco Peat is a multi-purpose growing medium, 100% natural and completely peat-free – available in a 5kg brick. Delivery cost and VAT is included in the price – so no hidden costs at checkout.

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Product Description

Product Description

CoirProducts Coco Peat, made from the dust and fibres of the coconut husk, is a 100% natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly peat-free growing medium. The ideal alternative to peat-based products for all varieties of plants and crops, Coco Peat is designed to get your garden flourishing in the most environmentally sustainable way. As a multi-purpose product, it can be used in nurseries, gardens, allotments, greenhouses, lawns, and patios, to name a few locations. Coco Peat is:

  • Ethically produced and sourced – we oversee every step of the manufacturing process to make sure that our Coco Peat is of the highest quality and completely natural, never using harmful chemicals
  • Free from soil-borne pathogens and weeds, so your plants are 100% protected and safe

Characteristics of Coco Peat also include
At CoirProducts, our aim is to promote peat-free, eco-friendly, sustainable products for your gardening and growing. Our Coco Peat has a neutral pH, averaging between 5.7 and 6.5. This encourages healthy root systems and prevents soil acidification. Coco Peat also has good aeration and water drainage, to prevent over-watering and plant flooding. As a multi-purpose product, Coco Peat also makes an ideal animal bedding for reptiles. The 5kg brick creates approximately 70 litres in volume when expanded.

How to use

  • Add 17-20 litres of lukewarm water to hydrate the Coco Peat – the water will be absorbed and the brick will begin to break apart
  • The 5kg brick will take approximately 30 minutes to expand
  • Stir and fluff the Coco Peat – add more water if needed
  • Add the required nutrients to suit your plants
  • It is now ready to be used – you either place in on the ground in your garden, or in a pot/container

*Please note: due to the nature of the product, there can be variation of the final weight.

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5kg blocks

8 reviews for Coir potting mix 5kg blocks

  1. Susan

    Brilliant product, mixed it with the muck heap from my goats and the veg plants are romping away. Such good service from a socially responsible company. I won’t be buying bagged multi-purpose ever again.

  2. Rose

    I love to mix coir compost with multi purpose compost as I have found my seedings do best in this mix. I add some vermiculite too.
    Product is very good and considering the circumstances at the moment delivery was fast.
    Quality product which I recommend.

  3. Linda S

    I am using coir with other ingredients to make up the various composts I need for seed sowing, potting up, potting on on etc, and I have been very pleased with the results.

    Germination rates are good, and growth rates on transplanting seem to have improved too. This is not unexpected as I have used the product before, but the price of the small bricks was offputting. I am glad I decided to go big and bulk buy bring the price down and making coir a more economic option.
    A further benefit has been the better water retention properties of coir. I seem to spend less time watering.

  4. Daniel W

    Great value product for using as a top dressing/mulch on my newly planted beds. Customer service was excellent when courier lost part of the delivery. Will definitely use these again

  5. Rebecca M

    Bought 3 blocks. Turns out they expand a lot when you add water so this was way more than I needed! But great for germinating seedlings & mixed with compost to boost water retention & to bring them on as they get bigger. Pleased to find a peat free product & will definitely use again.

  6. Alan

    I recently purchased some coir peat blocks from coir Service was excellent and blocks came with no unnecessary plastic wrapping.

    Makes fabulous potting compost mixed with some grit and my home made leaf mould. Easy to work with and bulks up well. Pricked out seedlings are growing super fast and healthy. Potted on tomatoes and chillies doing very well. Extremely pleased with results.

    Nice to find a more environmentally friendly alternative to bagged potting compost.

  7. Kim

    Fantastic products and 5 star service.
    Really pleased with my order!

  8. alan

    i bought 4 of these early on in the year great buy you cannot go wrong for £7-37 each i am now about to order 4 more ready for next year

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