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  • £8.48

    10.62% Discount

    CoirProducts ‘Coir Discs Starter’ pack consists of 10 Coir Discs, measuring at 10cm in diameter, and are the perfect introduction to our Coco Peat. Whether you are unfamiliar with Coco Peat, or looking to have a smaller quantity, our Coir Discs are the ideal 100% natural and biodegradable product. 

  • £11.98

    7.7% Discount

    CoirProducts ‘Grow with coir starter pack’ pack consists of 20 Coir Discs, measuring at 10cm in diameter, and are the perfect introduction to our Coco Peat. When hydrated, these coir discs will give you a volume of over 20L of lovely fluffy coir. Whether you are unfamiliar with Coco Peat, or looking to have a smaller quantity, our Coir Discs are the ideal 100% natural, and biodegradable product. 

  • £31.60

    52.08% Discount

    3kg Offer consissts of over 240L of coir potting mix.

    CoirProducts Coco Peat is a multi-purpose growing medium, 100% natural and completely peat-free. Delivery cost and VAT is included in the price – so no hidden costs at checkout.

  • £36.52

    32.11% Discount

    Gardening is an activity which can be fun for the whole family! And why not make it eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable which CoirProducts ‘Coir Family’ pack. Composed of Coco Peat, Coir Discs, and Coir Pots of multiple sizes, this pack has everything you need for the whole family to get involved. With small pots and discs for kids to use for their gardening adventures, and Coco Peat bricks and bigger pots for the adults gardening projects, everyone can have fun with gardening.

  • £20.99

    24.92% Discount

    CoirProducts ‘Coir Planter’ pack is the perfect combination of products for those with smaller gardens. Composed of 30 of our Coir Growcubes and 25 Coir Pots, this pack is ideal for starter plants and taking care of cuttings. Each product is 100% natural and biodegradable to keep your gardening and growing eco-friendly.

  • £15.94

    33.72% Discount

    This pack is created for all gardeners, whether you’ve been a long time user of coir, or if you’ve never tried out before, the CoirProducts ‘Coir Starter’ pack is for you. We should all be making steps to become more eco-friendly in our gardening activities, and the Coir Starter pack is the perfect peat-free way to do this. Made up of 10 Coir Discs, 30 CoirCoins, and 30 Coir Pots of the smaller sizes, this pack makes a great introduction to new users of coir, or for those doing smaller gardening projects. 

  • £17.99

    40.97% Discount

    When growing a beautiful range of plants and crops, pesky weeds can often get in the way. However, digging them up may disturb the soil or root growth of your plants. CoirProducts Mulch Mats are the perfect solution to getting rid of weeds, and protecting your plants and soil. The ‘Garden Weed Control’ pack is composed of 3 different sized Mulch mats, 30 in total, to get your weeds under control and your plants thriving. Made from coir and combined with a natural latex, Mulch Mats are 100% natural and biodegradable, so they don’t mess up your soil composition, and keeps your gardening eco-friendly. 

  • £14.20

    26.27% Discount

    Herbs can add so much flavour to your cooking, and they also make amazing ornamental plants. Growing herbs just got easy with the CoirProducts ‘Grow Herbs With Coir’ pack. Composed of our coir-based products perfect for growing herbs, your garden will be looking beautiful and your recipes will be tasting incredible in no time. With 50 CoirCoins and 20 Coir Pots, you can’t go wrong with this pack.

  • £16.79

    39.99% Discount

    Are you an avid hydroponic grower, or interested to get started in that area? Then the CoirProducts ‘Hydroponic Grower’ pack is made for you. Made up of 4 CoirProducts Growbags (nursery bags), this pack is designed to encourage the growth and stabilization of root systems in a variety of plants and crops. 

  • £50.42

    46.28% Discount

    Made up of 200 CoirCoins, 100 Coir Pots, 10 x 650g Coco Peat bricks, and 4 x 500g Coco Chip bricks, the ‘I’m a Pro-Grower’ pack is the ultimate collection of our coir-based products. This specially curated pack for the seasoned grower is ideal for eco-friendly, organic gardening. Every product is 100% natural and biodegradable, and at CoirProducts, we ensure that every step of sourcing and production follows ethical practices to give you environmentally sustainable products. 

  • £21.98

    39.50% Discount

    Let’s sow with CoirProducts’ is the ideal pack for those who love sowing. In this pack you can find 200 CoirProducts CoirCoins – 50 of each size – the perfect growing medium for seeds and cuttings! 

  • £36.97

    33.95% Discount

    As gardeners, nature is very important to us, so we must take every step we can to look after our environment. The extraction of peat for the horticultural sector has created masses of damage and degradation to the UK’s peatlands and is releasing tonnes of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. At CoirProducts, we’re giving you the best peat-free alternatives made from 100% natural and biodegradable coir. Our ‘No Peat, Only Coir’ pack is made up of four 5kg Coco Peat bricks to help you create an environmentally sustainable garden.

  • £20.99

    26.28% Discount

    CoirProducts ‘Nursery pack’ is ideal for use in nurseries, greenhouses, gardens and for hydroponic growing. Made up of 10 Coir Growbags (nursery bags) and 30 CoirCoins, this pack is perfect for those new plants and seeds to add to your garden collection.

  • £38.48

    18.89 % Discount

    The extraction of peat for the horticultural sector has caused masses of damage and degradation to the UK’s peatlands, so as gardeners we must make moves to become peat-free to become more eco-friendly and protect our peatlands. With the CoirProducts ‘Peat-free Grower’ pack, you’ll be taking one step further to looking after our environment. A combination of our iconic Coco Peat and amazing Coco Chips, coir is the ideal alternative. 

  • £18.00

    Sustainable & eco-friendly Pestle and Mortar

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