How to grow plants with stronger stems, roots and blooms using coir as a soil conditioner

How to grow plants with stronger stems, roots and blooms using coir as a soil conditioner

For any gardener, growing plants with strong stems, roots, and blooms, involves taking care of the plants, ensuring they get the proper nourishment to grow. Did you know that using a sustainable soil conditioner, such as a rich potting mix, helps you do just that? We’ve got it all covered in this blog, from the benefits of using a rich potting mix for growing plants with stronger stems, roots, and blooms, to how you can get hold of that perfect mix from the comfort of your home.

A rich potting mix is essential for growing a healthy and productive plot. Adding high quality coco chips and coco peat to the potting mix can help create healthy roots for your plants, which in turn can contribute towards a higher yield. A moisturised rich potting mix can also help plants get sufficient nutrient levels.

Soil that doesn’t have adequate nutrients needs fertilizer to add the nutrients for the plants that grow in that soil. In this case, creating a rich potting mix becomes vital for the plants to grow. Crops like tomatoes and peppers need a high quality potting mix that can provide plenty of nutrients over a long term.

The perfect potting mix always provides excellent water drainage, draining only excess water, while providing sufficient moisture without allowing the soil to dry out too quickly. The ideal potting mix provides the necessary oxygen for the plant roots to thrive.

Coco peat and coco chips improve the porosity of the potting mix. Plants grown with coco peat and coco chips require less frequent watering due to their higher water-holding capacity. They also help the soil develop good aeration, enabling the plants to grow stronger roots, which in turn, leads to better plant growth and vegetation. Extracted from the coconut husk, they are also beneficial in helping plants grow fine roots within a relatively short period of time.

Adding to the host of benefits, coco peat and coco chips are free from soil-borne pathogens and weeds, while they also have neutral pH values, making it a good soil conditioner for your garden/allotment/farm. And keeping with our promise for providing biodegradable products, coco peat and coco chips are a natural, 100% biodegradable, and renewable growing medium. What’s more is that they are easy to use and perfect for any type of growing, whether it’s in nurseries, gardens, allotments, greenhouses, laws, or patios. 

A range of coir horticulture products, including coco peat and coco chips are available on our launched online store: Our easy-to-use website allows you to pick your perfect potting mix. Select your preferred size and quantity, or contact us for any specific requirement.

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  • Alan

    I recently purchased some coir peat blocks from coir Service was excellent and blocks came with no unnecessary plastic wrapping.

    Makes fabulous potting compost mixed with some grit and my home made leaf mould. Easy to work with and bulks up well. Pricked out seedlings are growing super fast and healthy. Potted on tomatoes and chillies doing very well. Extremely pleased with results.

    Nice to find a more environmentally friendly alternative to bagged potting compost.

    May 27, 2020 at 8:54 pm

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