Five benefits of using coir for growing in your urban garden

Five benefits of using coir for growing in your urban garden

The growing popularity of using coir products in urban gardening comes down to the multitude of benefits they offer. From their natural and biodegradable properties to helping to minimise waste and harmful impacts on the environment, coir products the ideal choice if you are looking for a sustainable growing medium.
Here’s our list of the top 5 benefits of using coir for growing in your urban garden:
Coir products are biodegradable: Coir is a material that is extracted from the outer layer or the husk of the coconut. The fibre is biodegradable, natural, and sustainable, which means products made of coir decomposes into the soil.

They have high water retention capacity: With its high water retention capacity, coir helps improve the quality and consistency of the soil, giving better hydration for the plants.

Coir helps build strong roots: Coir easily gets rid of excess water, making sure that the plants are not water logged. The good porosity of coir means that the roots can get enough air, helping plants to develop strong and healthy roots. The pH value of coir is also ideal for the development and healthy growth of plants.

Coir products are capable of holding nutrients: Coir is also rich in a variety of nutrients such as potassium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc. But this also means that you need to adjust your nutrient levels as needed.

It uses material that would have otherwise being discarded: Did you know that coconut husks are sometimes discarded? Repurposing coconut husks to produce material such as coconut fibre help minimise the waste that is generated.

So why not try it out? You can easily purchase a variety of coir products from our online store, or drop us a message if you have any specific requirements.

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