Coconut Coir: What it is and How to Use It in Your Urban Garden

Coconut Coir: What it is and How to Use It in Your Urban Garden

Are you looking for a biodegradable growing medium for use in your urban garden? Why not give coconut coir a go? Read on to find out all about coconut coir and how you can use it in your urban garden.

Coconut coir is medium that is being increasingly used in urban gardening, especially when it comes to hydroponics. Made of nature fibre, extracted from the coconut husk, coconut coir is sustainable and completely natural.

There are many benefits to using coconut coir. The coir itself is biodegradable, but it does so quite slowly and much slower than the normal peat moss and other organic matter. It is also weed free naturally and smells quite good. It enhances the quality of the soil with all of the organic goodness that it contains and helps improve the structure of the soil.

Coir products also allows for proper aeration which helps plants develop a healthy root system. It also has great water retention capacity, where it can hold water at least up to 7 or 8 times its weight. However, coconut coir can also get rid of any excess water so that the plants don’t become waterlogged. Another benefit of the coir is that while it does not have nutrients on its own, it helps the soil to sustain its nutrients so that plants have better nourishment. Coconut coir is readily renewable and has a neutral pH value. It does not harm or damage the environment or its eco-systems in anyway.

If you are interested in urban gardening, using coir products is the best way to go. What’s more is that coir products is also great for use in products outside of gardening as well, such as, for making mats, doormats, and even mattresses. So why not give it a try?
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