Grow with coir: Seed packs for gardeners and growers

Grow with coir: Seed packs for gardeners and growers, are excited to introduce a variety of seed packs for growers and gardeners! All CoirProducts seed packs for gardening and growing are available on our online shop:

Enhancing our online garden shopping experience

At CoirProducts, we continue to expand our range of horticultural products and improve our services, so that we can give you a unique online shopping experience. In doing so, we work with various parties, who share our same values, ethos, and commitments to ethical businesses practices, in bringing to you high quality products at economical prices. Our newly-introduced seed varieties have been carefully sourced, offering the perfect addition to our range of natural and biodegradable coir products.

Over 30 varieties of CoirProducts seeds for growing

You can choose from over 30 varieties of CoirProducts seeds, including vegetables seeds, chillies, and other seasonal seeds from our online shop, with more CoirProducts seed varieties in the pipeline. CoirProducts seeds are easy-to-grow and delicious, and have good germination rates and yield. These seeds for gardening are ideal whether you are a pro gardener or someone who is just starting out on your gardening journey. However, ensuring the seeds are properly cared for is important for plant growth and high yield.

Grow with coir

Growing your own food has never been more important. Not only does growing your own give you fresh and nutritious food, but it is also beneficial for our physical and mental health and wellbeing, as well as for the health of our planet. Coir products are a popular choice for growing and sowing a variety of plants and crop whether it is in your own backyard or in your allotment.

CoirProducts CoirCoins are ideal for sowing seeds. To use the CoirCoins, just add water and let the mix expand. Thereafter, add the seeds. If you opt for container gardening, CoirProducts coir pots are not only easy-to-use, but are also biodegradable and plastic-free. CoirProducts coir pots have the added benefit of ensuring there is no transplanting shock when repotting, allowing the roots to permeate through the pots. Coir products have high water and air holding capacities, benefitting plant growth.

For all orders on our online shop, delivery is free within mainland UK.

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