Growers pack 5


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Make the most of growing with this growers pack that boasts of natural goodness.

  • 20 x 12cm coir pots
  • 50 x 42cm coir discs
  • 1 x 650g coco peat brick
  • 1 x 1L natural soil conditioner pouch by Natural Grower

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Product Description

CoirProducts ( coir pots help plant roots grow through the pot walls, encouraging a stronger root system. There is also no transplanting shock when repotting. The natural soil conditioner retains water well. Using coir discs help protect essential elements of the soil. Coco peat has neutral pH levels. Coir also retains water well and facilitates air porosity, benefitting plant growth. Add the soil conditioner to the coco peat for that ideal potting mix for your growing.


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