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A 100% natural and biodegradable potting mix, CoirProducts Coir Discs are a smaller version of our iconic Coco Peat bricks, designed for sowing and growing smaller plants. Delivery cost and VAT is included in the price – so no hidden costs at checkout.

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Product Description

Product Description
75-80mm in diameter, these CoirProducts Coir Discs are made from our iconic Coco Peat, compressed into a disc shape, making it the ideal growing medium for sowing seeds and starter plants. Extracted from the coconut husk, coir is 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly. Our products are the best alternative to peat, encouraging environmentally sustainable gardening and growing. Everything is ethically produced and sourced to ensure you a high quality product, never using harmful chemicals. As a multi-purpose product, Coir Discs are suitable for a variety of locations, from gardens, allotments, and greenhouses, to nurseries and horticultural farms.

Characteristics of Coir Discs also include:

  • Protecting essential elements of the soil, promoting strong and healthy root systems
  • Being a natural product, it does not affect the environmental cycle of your plants and soil
  • With excellent water drainage, expanded Coir Discs keep the soil moist, while at the same time, prevent plant flooding
  • The 75-80mm Coir Discs create approximately 500ml in volume when expanded (this can vary due to the nature of the product)

How to use:

  • Add water, so that the Coir Discs can absorb it and begin expanding
  • Stir it to mix it and fluff it out, add more water if required
  • Add required nutrients
  • Ready to use for your seeds and/or plants


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