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A 100% biodegradable soil conditioning supplement, made from cut chips of the coconut husk – available in a 500g brick. Free delivery for mainland UK and VAT is included in the price – so no hidden costs at checkout.

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Product Description

Product Description

Made by the regular slicing of the coconut husk, CoirProducts ( coco chips or coconut husk chips are commonly used in the farming industry and in other agricultural practices.

  • Coco Chips, cut from the husk of the coconut, make one of the best soil conditioners in the world. Free of weeds, repellent to insects, and resistant of harmful fungi, CoirProducts Coco Chips are frequently used in the growing of tomatoes and orchids. Cut into uniform sizes, then packed together to form the brick shape, CoirProducts Coco Chips are easy to use and store. Commonly used in agricultural practices and in the farming industry, Coco Chips are:
    100% natural and biodegradable, to keep your garden happy, healthy, and eco-friendly
  • Ethically produced and sourced ensuring that you get high quality products which are environmentally sustainable.

Coco Chips provide excellent drainage to prevent your plants from being over-watered and flooding, and with high cation exchange capacity (CEC), CoirProducts Coco Chips holds onto nutrients well, and acts as a buffer against soil acidification. The 500g bricks creates approximately 7 litres in volume when expanded (this can vary due to the nature of the product).

How to use

  • Soak the Coco Chip brick overnight so it can absorb the water and begin to break apart
  • Squeeze the excess water out of the Coco Chips
  • Mix with Coco Peat, relevant soil, or your favourite potting mix
  • Add any required nutrient suited to your plants
  • Introduce it to your garden whatever way you intend

*Please note: due to the nature of the product, there can be variation in the final weight.

1 review for Coco chip 500g bricks

  1. Daniel W

    Used to open up clay soil in a new border. A great product to increase organic matter in the soil.

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