Cleaning up your garden in spring

Cleaning up your garden in spring

Whether it’s removing those dead plants or fallen branches, keeping your garden clean and healthy is important for plant growth and for reducing the potential for disease and the growth of unwanted weeds during the growing months. Dead plants, stems, and leaves not only make a garden look bad, but can also cause disease and fungal spores. However, try not to dive in too early with the spring cleaning! Some gardeners prefer to wait until there are consistently warmer temperatures. Learning more about the plants in your garden will help you better understand what needs cleaning in the spring. 

Cleaning up your garden in spring 2

You can start off by removing and composting dead plants that remained over winter. Some perennials have leaves or flower spikes that are left standing up after winter. You can begin to remove the winter mulch when you see new growth at the base of the plants, and they can be pruned down to the ground level. Some plants with woody stems (such as lavender, buddleia, artemisia etc) would also need to be cut back as they only bloom on new branches, while trimming those evergreens and semi-evergreen perennial plants can help encourage new growth. Brush back thick layers of leaves that are on the top of plants, pull out any dead annuals, and remove dead growth from perennials.

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It is important to choose the right time to prune trees and shrubs. Be careful that you do not prune them before they have bloomed, as you might be pruning off flower buds that are forming. Check each shrub before cutting off broken branches. Check for branches that are touching. In addition, with the weather getting warmer, you can also remove any winter protection you might have been using. Just remember not to pull out unwanted leaves and stems too hard from the ground, as you can end up damaging new roots or growth.

This is also the ideal time to clean up vegetable beds, pulling out any dead vegetables and remove plant debris that you couldn’t get around to doing in the winter. Pull off weeds before they are established. Once done, you can look for ways to keep new and unwanted weeds from growing. CoirProducts mulch mats are ideal for stopping the growth of unwanted weeds.Cleaning up your garden in spring 3

Check your soil, and keep your garden clean and healthy for growing. At CoirProducts, our online shop offers the largest portfolio of coir-based products. CoirProducts coir potting mix, with its neutral pH level, is ideal for growing a variety of plants and crops, while CoirProducts coircoins have high germination rates when it comes to sowing. We also have a wide and innovative range of coir pots to choose from, whether you plan to grow smaller plants or larger plants. Coir allows roots to permeate through the pots, which means there is no transplanting shock when repotting. We also have a unique range of bundles to choose from whether you are a gardener just starting out or a seasoned grower. All our coir products are natural, biodegradable, and peat-free, and ethically produced and sourced.

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