Plastic-free gardening

Plastic-free gardening

Did you know that around 1.3 billion tonnes of plastic is estimated to be dumped on land and oceans over the next 20 years? This is revealed in a recent study published in the journal, Science. To get an idea of the enormity of this number, if you laid out all that plastic on a flat surface, researchers say, “it would cover the area of the UK 1.5 times”. When plastic that is not recycled is dumped into landfills, they take years to decompose, threatening the wellbeing of the planet. As such, among the many recommendations made in this study, researchers call for the use of alternatives to plastic, such as material that decomposes.

The use of plastic products, such as plastic pots, once revolutionised the horticultural sector. Plastic pots were particularly preferred for their durability, availability, and affordability. One way of minimising the use of plastic in gardening is by substituting such products with biodegradable products. And making this switch is actually easier than you think.

Products produced with the use of coconut coir are a great alternative to plastic, and at, we supply a range of environmentally sustainable products for growers and gardeners. Made out of natural fibre extracted from the coconut husk, these products, ranging from coir pots to mulch mats, are 100% biodegradable, decomposing into the soil over time. Read on for a peak into some of the more popular products used by growers and gardeners.

Coir pots

Coir pots come with many advantages. They are completely recyclable and biodegradable which means that they will have minimum harm on the environment, as opposed to plastics. They also have good water holding capacity, which help keep the roots of plants hydrated. Roots can grow through the coir pots freely, while the pH value of these products is also ideal for plant growth. They will also allow for great aeration for the roots of the plants and can be directly potted into the ground which cuts off the replanting shock that plants will otherwise face.

Coir growcubes

Growcubes make for an excellent seed propagation medium and they enable fast and healthy root development. They also let you carry out the transplanting process easily and provide for equal water and air distribution. They are completely biodegradable and have great air porosity. These growcubes will usually expand after water is added making for more space and they can be seeded directly.

Coir grow discs

Coir grow discs are great as a seed starter or germination medium and are completely environmentally friendly. They will also help with healthier root growth and therefore, plants, that are more resilient. They also allow for great and easy transplanting.

Mulch mats

Coir mulch mats (weed control mats) are also a great alternative for plastic and polypropylene toppers. They suppress the growth of weeds, and can also be used in areas such as patios and sidewalks. They retain water and facilitate air porosity. They are 100% biodegradable, protecting essential elements of the soil, and having minimum negative impact on the natural environmental cycle.

These products come in a variety of sizes. They can be easily ordered via our estore:, or for specific requirements, you can contact us sales (AT) coirproducts (DOT) co (DOT) uk.

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