Fruits for Smaller Gardens

Fruits for Smaller Gardens

The size of your garden shouldn’t limit what you’re able to grow. While many fruits do grow on big trees, no matter how much space you have, there are a variety of fruits that you can grow in them. Many fruits only need a couple pots or a small plot of land to begin growing, and as they get bigger, most grow into small bushes which you can control the size of, through pruning and cutting. Here are some of the popular fruits that can be grown in small gardens:


Strawberries are an easy-to-grow perennial fruit plant which, once planted, will provide fruits for many years. Strawberry plants need to be planted in rich, moist soil kept at a cool temperature. CoirProducts coir pots are the perfect growing home, as they help to retain moisture, and, unlike plastic pots, will keep the temperature of the soil perfect for the strawberries. Grow one plant per pot – we recommend a 15cm pot – and they need lots of space for their roots. Whether you’re planting into a pot or into the ground, you will get good production of fruits.


If you are sowing strawberry seeds, the best time to do this is in spring or autumn. Cover the sown pots with CoirProducts mulch mats to maintain humility and shade until germination. If you’re planting in autumn, move your pots into an unheated shed or garage to protect them during the colder months. Once the temperature starts rising again in spring/early summer, place them somewhere where they can get lots of sun. For starter plants, plant in mid-spring or late summer. Same with the seeds, move them inside to an unheated area during the winter months. When your strawberry plants start getting bigger, transfer the pots into the ground, where the roots can continue to grow and the coir pot will biodegrade.

The best time to harvest strawberries is from early summer to early autumn. Pick the fruits when they are bright red all over and eat them within a couple days of being picked.

Raspberries are a delicious fruit that are suitable for any size garden or container. Both summer-fruiting berry bushes and autumn-fruiting varieties will do well in coir pots. Summer-fruiting berry bushes ripen in June through August, while autumn-fruiting varieties ripen between August and October and grow upright.

Raspberries are best planted between November and March in spots which get lots of sun and away from strong winds. 


Set some soil in your coir pot, and make a hole that is large enough for your bare-root plant to sit without crowding. The soil should cover the plants about 2 to 3 inches above the roots, and make sure to water the plants well, especially in dry periods. Raspberry plants will also massively benefit from a support, to encourage upright growth. .


Redcurrants, blackcurrants, white currants, or even the unusual pink currants are also excellent fruit plants for smaller gardens. Similarly to strawberries and raspberries, they ripen best in spots which get good sun. Bare-rooted currant varieties are best planted between October and March, with fruit ready to harvest in the summer months. Ensure plants are watered regularly during dry weather, but don’t overdo it, as too much water when the fruit begins flourishing will cause splits.



Blueberry bushes are beautiful ornamental plants as well as producing awesome fruit! When you grow blueberries in pots it is easier to control the moisture of your soil. Blueberries require bigger pots, the coir 28cm pots will be perfect for starting out with this fruit. Keep in mind that the size and drainage are the most important considerations when planting the blueberries as they are often very sensitive to overly wet or dry conditions. 


The best time to plant them in the UK is late-autumn to early-spring. For best yields, place the pots in sunlight and keep the soil moist and avoid over watering.

So even if you have a small garden, or not a lot of space in the ground, the fruits listed above don’t need a lot of room and will do brilliantly in a pot. Gardening isn’t an activity that needs to be limited by space, as there are so many plants out there which only need little room to flourish. Just take care of them and you’ll have all the fruits you want blooming.

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