CoirProducts CoirCoins for eco-friendly and peat-free sowing

CoirProducts CoirCoins for eco-friendly and peat-free sowing

Sowing your own seeds is one of the most fulfilling and economical ways to obtain a fresh supply of crop for many months of a year. With Spring soon creeping in on us, you might have already planned out what to sow in the weeks ahead. February is an ideal time to get a head start on sowing tender crops like tomatoes, chillies, aubergines, and peppers, as well as some hardy crops and annuals like sweet peas. Of course, the right conditions for growing are a must, especially the right temperatures (like greenhouse growing or using a heated propagator). Just as much as important is the medium that is used for sowing your seeds. Completely natural, biodegradable, and peat-free, CoirProducts CoirCoins or coir pellets are ideal for sowing seeds. In this blog post, we highlight the benefits of CoirProducts coircoins and their wider uses for peat-free sowing.

Natural, biodegradable, and peat-free CoirCoins for sowing

With the UK government banning the sale of peat to gardeners, there has been a growing interest in coir-based products as an ideal alternative to peat. Peatlands are a vital carbon store in the UK as well as home to rare species of wildlife and biodiversity, with peat extraction having a negative impact on people and ecosystems. CoirProducts CoirCoins are made with natural fibres extracted from the husk of the coconut. A completely natural product, the coir is compressed or packed together tightly into pellets. CoirProducts CoirCoins use a biodegradable bag, made out of polymer from corn starch, to hold the compost in place before, during, and after expansion.

With more and more gardeners becoming conscious of the origins of the product, at CoirProducts, we guarantee that all our products are ethically produced and sourced. As CoirProducts is directly involved in the manufacturing process, we know exactly where our products come from and how they are made. We ensure that there is no harm on the environment in how we obtain the raw material and produce CoirProducts CoirCoins.

How to use CoirProducts CoirCoins

CoirProducts coircoins or coir pellets/plugs are ideal for sowing seeds or for root cuttings. They come in distinct sizes: 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, and 42mm, and can be purchased in packs of 50 pellets. Sow seeds in individual pellets. They are easy to use. Just add sufficient water and let the mix expand. You can add your seeds once the expansion takes place.

CoirProducts coircoins also have high germination rates. Seeds require a certain temperature to germinate, while moisture is also essential for germinating seeds. You need to ensure that you keep the soil adequately moist during the germination stage. The natural properties of coir means CoirProducts coircoins hold water and moisture well, without the material becoming too waterlogged. Coir also has good aeration. Such natural characteristics of coircoins help plants develop strong and healthy root systems, which is vital for plant growth. Coir also has neutral pH levels, which is ideal for growing vegetables and a variety of other plants and crop. With a host of benefits, CoirProducts coircoins are perfect for the eco-conscious gardener.

CoirProducts coircoins are available to purchase via our online shop:, and delivery is free within mainland UK.

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