coir pots for easy, natural, and peat-free growing coir pots for easy, natural, and peat-free growing (of Salike Limited) provides a range of natural, biodegradable, and sustainable coir pots or coco pots that are suitable for growing a variety of plants and crops. Available in sizes ranging from 5cm to 40cm, CoirProducts coir pots are perfect for those looking to move away from using plastics. Ethically produced and sourced, and free of peat moss, they are ideal for the eco-conscious grower. In addition, our range of coir pot / coco pot bundles have been specially curated to suit the diverse needs of growers.

Our smaller-sized coir pots, including in 5cm, 8cm, and 10cm, are ideal for sowing a variety of seeds, while our larger-sized pots, including in 17cm, 23cm, 28cm, and 30cm are perfect for those larger plants. Continuing to innovate and making our products easily accessible to the gardening community and growers, we also have a range of unique coir pot bundles available. Specially curated to meet the diverse needs of growers and gardeners, our coir pot bundles are another first in the market. Our newly launched ‘Size Matters’ bundle includes seven pots of each of the popular sizes we offer. For those looking to sow this season, our ‘Oh Coir’ bundle, combines a selection of coir pots, coir discs, and coircoins, while our ‘Sow with Coco Pots’ bundle provides a selection of coir pots that are useful for sowing a variety of plants. With 10 coir plant pot bundles to choose from, there are also combo packs for those looking to grow larger plants, vines and creepers, or looking to grow indoors.

A natural waste product of the coconut industry, coir has high water and air holding capacities which help plants develop stronger roots and stems, benefitting plant growth. CoirProducts coir pots are an ideal method for growing plants without having them grow through any transplanting shock. In traditional methods of growing, you would have to relocate the plants as they grow bigger, and this could sometimes damage the root system, sending the plant into shock and slowing its growth. However, with CoirProducts coir pots, there is no need to relocate the plant as the roots penetrate through the pot and grow through it. These coir pots also help stop roots from entangling and circling so that the growth and the yield of the plants are not negatively impacted.

Having been in the industry since 2006, we are directly involved in the manufacturing process. Every step of the production and sourcing process is closely monitored by our teams on the ground. We ensure that ethical business practices are followed throughout our operations, and there is minimal harm on the environment in producing and sourcing our products. We communicate with our customers and partners honestly, fairly, and openly, providing high quality products, competitive pricing and timely delivery. As a purpose-driven company, every decision we make is done so with the utmost concern and care for people and the environment.

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