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Our mission is to help you easily access the best coir-based products, whether it’s for growing, gardening, or for protecting the soil from erosion. We do this by bringing to you an innovative products range that is ethically produced and sourced. What is also important to us is that you are happy with what you purchase from us and the services we offer. At the same time, we are also committed to empowering the communities we work with as well as giving back where we can.

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chestnut Tree House

“We contribute a portion of every purchase towards the work of Chestnut Tree House, the children’s hospice for East Sussex.”

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Social farms & Gardens

“When you buy from us, you also contribute towards the work of Social Farms & Gardens, a charity that supports communities farm, garden, and grow together. ”


Hot Deals

32mm coircoins (X20), 42mm coircoins (X20), 10cm coir discs (X5), 5cm coir pots (X10), 8cm coir pots (X20), 10cm coir pots (X10) and 17cm coir
Planter bags (X2), 10cm coir pots (X10) and 38mm coircoins (X25)
500g coco chip brick (X1), 100mm coir discs (X15) and 10cm coir pots (X20)
Planter bags (X3), 10cm coir pots (X20) and 42mm coircoins (X50)
Our promo of the month, Grow May pack. 650g coco peat (X5), 10cm coir pots (X30) and 42mm coircoins (X50).
Our promo of the month, CoirApril pack. 13cm coir pots (X30) with 42mm coircoins (X50).
100mm coir discs (X50) and 42mm coircoins (X50)
10cm coir pots (X20) and 100mm coir discs (X20)
10 Pack of 300g coco peat bricks. Make the most of this a multipurpose growing medium with this special offer. The coco peat 300g bricks are
These biodegradable growbags are ideal for growing a variety of crop and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This special offer is for a pa


The physical, mental, and social benefits of gardening

The physical, mental, and social benefits of gardening

Taking the right steps to improve your mental and physical well-being can be difficult, especially when trying to fit it in with your work, home and social life. However, there are activities out there where you can choose how and when you do them, and they can benefit your mental health, physical well-being and social […]

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Let the children lead the activities

Let the children lead the activities

We recently spoke with Stuart, a gardener at home and the school he teaches at,  Ashton Keynes School, and we asked him some questions about his growing at both school and home. Stuart tells us all about his own gardening adventures, and how he has incorporated gardening into his teaching, and discusses how gardening is […]

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This year I tried to grow anything and everything!

This year I tried to grow anything and everything!

We recently got into contact with independent gardener Kay, who in this blog post tells us all about how she started out gardening, discussing who and what inspired her, where she is with her garden now, and how she has benefitted from it. Kay also talks about how she has integrated gardening into her family […]

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We would love to hear and see images of you using our products. Please email them to hello(at)coirproducts(.)co(.)uk and we will publish them on our social media channels. When sending the images, please mention if you have any social media channels so we can tag you.

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