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Our mission is to help you easily access the best coir-based products, whether it’s for growing, gardening, or for protecting the soil from erosion. We do this by bringing to you an innovative products range that is ethically produced and sourced. What is also important to us is that you are happy with what you purchase from us and the services we offer. At the same time, we are also committed to empowering the communities we work with as well as giving back where we can.

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chestnut Tree House

“We contribute a portion of every purchase towards the work of Chestnut Tree House, the children’s hospice for East Sussex.”

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Social farms & Gardens

“When you buy from us, you also contribute towards the work of Social Farms & Gardens, a charity that supports communities farm, garden, and grow together. ”

Making your garden bee-friendly with CoirProducts

Making your garden bee-friendly with CoirProducts

July 10 is ‘Don’t Step on a Bee Day’. Bees play a big part in our ecosystems. They are great pollinators, they help transfer pollen between flowering plants, thus helping plants grow, breed, and produce food. But some species of bees are being threatened such as by the destruction of their habitats. ‘Don’t Step on […]

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A sense of pride

A sense of pride

CoirProducts featured grower this week, Jo @joandcolovetogrow is no stranger to gardening. Having been growing from as long as she can remember, in this blog post, Jo talks about what she loves to grow, what she finds challenging, and some valuable lessons she has learnt through gardening. She reminds us to be patient when it […]

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Plastic-free growing with CoirProducts

Plastic-free growing with CoirProducts

With July almost here, we’re stepping into Plastic Free July! At CoirProducts, we do not use any unnecessary plastics in our packaging or in our operations, making conscious efforts to be environmentally-friendly in all aspects of our work. As gardeners and growers look towards becoming more sustainable, read on to learn more about how you […]

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Using Coir Products?

We would love to hear and see images of you using our products. Please email them to hello@coirproducts.co.uk and we will publish them on our social media channels. When sending the images, please mention if you have any social media channels so we can tag you.

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