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Our mission is to help you easily access the best coir-based products, whether it’s for growing, gardening, or for protecting the soil from erosion. We do this by bringing to you an innovative products range that is ethically produced and sourced. What is also important to us is that you are happy with what you purchase from us and the services we offer. At the same time, we are also committed to empowering the communities we work with as well as giving back where we can.

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chestnut Tree House

“We contribute a portion of every purchase towards the work of Chestnut Tree House, the children’s hospice for East Sussex.”

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Social farms & Gardens

“When you buy from us, you also contribute towards the work of Social Farms & Gardens, a charity that supports communities farm, garden, and grow together. ”

A Guide to Growing Herbs

A Guide to Growing Herbs

All the popular herbs, such as basil, coriander, dill, tarragon and thyme, to name a few, are easy to grow in your home gardens, in raised beds, containers, allotments, and on your window sills. Herbs grow best with the help of the sun, and well-drained, moisture-retentive and nutrient-rich soil. We recommend using CoirProducts Coco Peat, […]

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It isn’t a big challenge to become a more sustainable gardener

It isn’t a big challenge to become a more sustainable gardener

At CoirProducts, we not only strive to ensure that our products are safe and healthy for the environment, but we are always making efforts to oversee that our packaging is also eco-friendly. Over the last year, we have reduced our use in plastic packaging by introducing more sustainable alternatives; reusable Fairtrade cotton bags, recyclable cardboard […]

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Fruits for Smaller Gardens

Fruits for Smaller Gardens

The size of your garden shouldn’t limit what you’re able to grow. While many fruits do grow on big trees, no matter how much space you have, there are a variety of fruits that you can grow in them. Many fruits only need a couple pots or a small plot of land to begin growing, […]

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We would love to hear and see images of you using our products. Please email them to hello@coirproducts.co.uk and we will publish them on our social media channels. When sending the images, please mention if you have any social media channels so we can tag you.

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