5 benefits of using CoirProducts coir pots for growing

5 benefits of using CoirProducts coir pots for growing

Ideal for the eco-conscious grower, CoirProducts coir pots come in a distinct range of sizes and unique bundles. Sustainable, plastic-free, and vegan-certified, our coir pots are easy-to-use as well as suitable for growing a variety of plants and crops. They are great for use whether in small or large spaces or indoors and outdoors, giving you plenty of options when it comes to growing your own and creating your own vegetable garden. 

Suitable for use in both small and large spaces

Worried about having not enough space to garden? CoirProducts coir pots come in a variety of sizes, and are great to use in smaller spaces too, including on your windowsill, patios, and balcony. 

There are plenty of plants you can grow in pots. Herbs, carrots, beetroots, potatoes, broad beans, peppers, salad leaves, chillies, salad turnips, and dwarf French beans are just a few that can be cultivated in pots. Of course, how you grow these plants would depend on their growing season. CoirProducts coir pots are versatile, and can be used to grow a variety of plants and crops. 

Practical and easy to use

A great thing about using coir pots is that they can be easily moved around, and this is especially useful in the summer when plants require more shady spots as too much exposure to sunlight can lead to plants wilting. Similarly, those plants grow indoors when the climate is cooler in our coir pots, can easily be moved outdoors in the winter. 

Growing plants in coir pots is also easy and ideal for those who are busy. However, overwatering and drying out are common problems to avoid. Therefore, when growing, ensure that there is a sufficient amount of water, while avoiding plant flooding. Luckily, CoirProducts coir pots retain water and moisture well, which is of course an added benefit. 

Using larger pots, with a depth and width of at least 45cm or 18 inches give plants plenty of room and access to sufficient moisture and nutrients to grow, as otherwise frequent watering and feeding will be needed. To use the coir pots, fill the pot with coir potting mix, add sufficient water, and place your seeds. 

An array of environmental benefits

Made out of the natural fibrous material extracted from the husk of the coconut, CoirProducts coir pots are natural, biodegradable, and peat-free. They are also vegan-certified. Our coir pots are manufactured to meet the highest industry standards, and with minimal harm to the environment. We are directly involved in the manufacturing process, so we know exactly how our coir pots are produced and where the raw material for them are sourced. 

With their host of environmental benefits, our coir pots are also perfect if you are looking to make the shift from plastic pots. All our pots are economically priced. Coming in a distinct range of sizes ranging from 5cm to 32cm, we also have a unique range of coir pots bundles to choose from, bringing you value of money.

There is no transplanting shock when relocating plants

A key advantage of CoirProducts coir pots is that they allow plant roots to grow through the pots, which means there is no transplanting shock when repotting plants as they grow bigger. 

Transplantation or repotting refers to the process of relocating a plant from one place to another. Plants are transplanted for various reasons, such as to rebloom, when plant roots begin to spread and grow too big for their container, or roots are tangled allowing them little or no space to grow. Transplanting or repotting can be a shock to the plants, and disturb their roots, which impacts the healthy growth of the plants. 

With CoirProducts coir pots, as roots grow through the pots, there is no need to relocate the plant. Instead, you can relocate or replant the coir pot itself into the ground, where the coir pots will gradually disintegrate, while enriching the soil. As roots permeate the pot, coir pots are also useful to avoid roots from entangling and circling. 

Coir retains water and moisture benefitting plant growth 

Coir has high water and air holding capacities, which means they retain moisture well, benefitting the healthy growth of plants. Coir also helps prevent plant flooding. 

CoirProducts coir pots can be used with our coir potting mix that come in a variety of sizes of blocks, bricks, or discs, all of which retain water and moisture well. Hydrate the coir potting mix (block, brick, or disc), and once expanded, stir and fluff the coir, and use this to fill your coir pots. Our 17cm coir pots can hold a volume of approximately 2800ml of coir potting mix. 

A few additional benefits 

Growing in coir pots is perfect for those new to growing their own vegetables. So if you are a complete novice when it comes to gardening, why not try using CoirProducts coir pots? Start off with some crops that are easy to grow, and see how you get on. 

Of course, growing in coir pots is also ideal to get your children involved in gardening. Why not give them their own pot to look after? Not only will kids have fun gardening and better understand how the food they eat is grown, this is also a great way to help children learn patience and responsibility, and getting into the habit of caring. Children could even add some fun plant markers, and grow their own mini vegetable garden. At CoirProducts, we have specially curated coir bundles for kids that include a selection of coir pots, coircoins, and coir discs (coir potting mix), just enough to get your kids growing! Our kids bundles include our smaller-sized coir pots, which are ideal for growing individual herbs. 

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