World Food Day 2020 and the importance of individual action

World Food Day 2020 and the importance of individual action

October 16 is World Food Day, and this year’s theme is, ‘Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together’. In marking the event, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) reminds us of the importance of “preserving access to safe and nutritious food particularly for poor and vulnerable communities”. While countries, the private sector as well as civil society all have a role to play in making food systems resilient, emphasis is also placed on individual action, however small they are, for contributing towards efforts of sustaining the planet, together.

The FAO recognises that everyone has a role to play, reminding us of the benefits of choosing a healthy diet and adopting sustainable habits in our daily activities. Growing your own food is also encouraged, whether it is in your garden or in your balcony. While there are numerous health and environmental benefits of growing one’s own produce, this also helps individuals better understand how food is produced and cultivate an appreciation for all the hard work that is involved in food production. Such practices also encourage the production of diverse foods, which is not only great for contributing towards a healthy life, but it’s also beneficial for the environment.

These benefits are also recognised by the winners of our monthly promotion, Grower of the Month (#CPUKGrower | ). @strainskitchengarden says, “for me the main benefit of growing your own is knowing where your food has come from and how it is been grown.” Recognising another benefit, she says, it also gives one the chance to grow crops that may not be available in the local supermarket. @mikesflowersandgardens recognises the importance of “knowing exactly the path that the plant has had from seed to harvest”.

At, we supply a range of products that are ideal for growing a variety of food and other crop. These products are natural and 100% biodegradable. Recently, we initiated the monthly promotion, Grower of the Month, as a way of recognising and sharing the work of individuals who grow their own produce. Amidst the current pandemic and calls for global solidarity towards sustainable the planet, recognising individual action has become even more important. Such individual action of gardening/growing can help make a positive impact not just on an individual’s life, but also on the planet.

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