Sowing for change with coircoins with biodegradable cover

Share This Post coircoins are known for their high germination rates. But this is not the only special thing about them. Did you know that, since inception, our coircoins have come with a completely biodegradable cover and in four distinct sizes? Read on to learn more. 

Coir-based growing media are made with the material extracted from the husk of the coconut. While this raw material that we source is completely natural and organic, from our inception at, we have also paid close attention to the processes we follow in manufacturing our products, ensuring that there is minimal harm on people and the environment in the work we do. In doing so, what we strive to do is bring to you a product that is safe for you and the environment. coircoins remain one of our most popular and unique products. Used for sowing, they are known for their high germination rates. Coir is also free of the more harmful peat-moss. Yet, what makes our coircoins distinct is that they come complete with a biodegradable cover, making the product completely eco-friendly, compared to other such products found in the market that come with a non-biodegradable cover. 

And this is not wholly new either. 

With our founders having directly been in the industry for almost 20 years, through our parent company, we have been manufacturing and supplying our 100% natural and biodegradable coircoins for decades. Coircoins are made by compressing coir into pellets. The coircoins expand when water is added, with the biodegradable cover holding the coir together before, during, and after expansion. Early on in our operations manufacturing and supplying coircoins, we set about in search of a product that would be perfect for the eco-conscious grower, whether they were being used in nurseries, greenhouses, allotments, or gardens. Building on generations of tradition and knowledge, we worked closely with our manufacturing arm to carefully produce a cover that is made of polymer from corn starch, giving us a cover that is inherently biodegradable. 


Having perfected this process over the years and building on our decades of experience in the industry, we continued to innovate, introducing coircoins in four distinct sizes to the market. Combining these sizes, we also introduced a special coircoins bundle that is one-of-a-kind in the UK market. With their distinct sizes and completely biodegradable cover, our coircoins quickly gained popularity. 

While there are many other products similar to coircoins in the market that can be used for sowing, before and even after our introduction, checking their product descriptions to understand if they use a biodegradable cover and peat-free material means that you can easily ensure what you buy is completely eco-friendly. Coir naturally absorbs water, has high air porosity, and excellent drainage, which is especially beneficial for plants to grow strong and healthy root systems. coircoins allow plant roots to grow through the coir, which means, you can easily reposition your plants with the coircoins as they grow, without them going through any transplanting shock. 

There are many important lessons we have learnt in our journey to become a more environmentally conscious company. One of the most important lessons has been to listen to our customers and their needs. As more and more people become conscious of the environmental impact of the products they buy, we are committed to bringing products that have been produced with the utmost care and concern for the people and the planet. Within a highly competitive industry, it is easy to get absorbed in glossy adverts, profits, and fast-moving products. Yet this is why, at, we are different, not only driven by profit, but continuing to serve our customers with purpose.

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