Coir moss poles: how to use them and what are their benefits

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Climbing plants add a touch of charm and spirit to any garden space. They are also a great way to make the most of your growing space whether indoors or outdoors! 

Climbing plants and vines need some sort of support to grow into their best plant self. Even popular crops like tomatoes and much-loved house plants like monstera could do with that added support. 

Coir grow poles or moss poles made out of natural coir are an ideal plant support for those climbers, and also bring with them a host of sustainable benefits. 

Read on to learn more about coir moss poles, their benefits, and how to use them. 

What are coir moss poles? 

Made out of the natural fibrous material extracted from the husk of the coconut, coir moss poles or grow poles help provide these plants with a much-needed structure to cling on to as they grow. Coir moss poles are also a useful way to train these vines to grow in a particular way. 

With coir moss poles, you can easily replicate the natural environment of these plants, while also helping them grow healthier and stronger.

Why use coir moss poles 

A natural plant support: Aerial roots of climbing vines can easily attach themselves on to the coir moss pole, encouraging stronger and secure growth of plants. 

Moisture for plants: Coir has high water retention ability as well as excellent drainage, which allow aerial roots of plants to access the moisture they need. Remember to spray water on to the moss pole as required, allowing plants to benefit. 

Sturdy and versatile: Our coir moss poles are sturdy, versatile, and easy to store and use, making them not only an environmentally-friendly option but convenient. 

Indoors and outdoors: Our coir moss poles can easily be used indoors or outdoors. 

A range of unique sizes for all sorts of plants and spaces: CoirProducts coir moss poles come in a variety of innovative sizes. Our coir grow poles come in sizes of: 50cm, 50cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm, and 200cm. 

How to use coir moss poles 

  • Soak the Coir Grow Pole in water for a few minutes

  • Place it close to the plant as needed where you would like the plant support, in a biodegradable Coir Pot or in the ground

  • Arrange the plant around the pole, using Coir Yarn or other relevant material to secure the plant to the Coir Grow Pole

Be gentle when installing coir moss poles so as to avoid damaging plant roots. For plants with a lot of branches, you can use two coir moss poles. 

Given their natural properties, with coir moss poles, you can easily replicate the natural environment of these plants, while also helping them grow healthier and stronger. 

While we offer coir grow poles with either PVC or wood, due to our aim of becoming more sustainable, we are moving from using harmful plastic poles and offering wooden handle climber moss poles. 

And of course, our coir moss poles are ethically sourced and produced, bringing you a product that will help keep your plants happy and healthy.

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