Weed mat

Coconut Coir Products (www.coirproducts.co.uk) weed control mats block sunlight, and therefore stop unsightly weeds from growing and destroying your landscaping/crop. It is ideal for areas like patios and sidewalks where you would like to have relatively permanent landscaping fixtures. You have to also make sure that the weed control mat is capable of holding and letting through air and water. These can be bought in multiple sizes to suit your landscaping needs. Weed control mats are widely used in vineyards, grape cultivations, or large farms to protect the crop.


Loading Details

ProductMeasurement/unitLoading (40ft)
15cm weed control matMat153600
18cm weed control matMat144000
21cm weed control matMat
25cm weed control matMat64000
35cm weed control matMat36000
40.64 cm weed control mat Mat30000
45.85cm weed control matMat30000

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