Pre-seeded coir pallets

CoirProducts ( coir pallets can hold in seeds firmly and help provide an ideal environment for sprouting. Coir pallets can be used for river bank protection and for establishing floating islands that can be used to create breeding grounds for aquatic animals as well as to trap sediment. Coir Products ( pre-seeded coir pallets have a range of mixed seeds/plants on them as outlined below: 1m x 1m or 1m x 2m pre-seeded coir pallets with a seed mix of carex acutiformis, iris pseudacorus, phalaris arundinacea / glyceria maxima, myosotis scorpioides, lythrum salicaria, juncus inflexus, caltha palustris, and mentha aquatica. This can vary based on customer requirement and application. Discuss with us if you have any specific requirements.

CoirProducts ( pre-seeded coir pallets are easy to install, and reduces additional engineering costs. They can provide a high tolerance to fluctuating water flows. CoirProducts ( pre-seeded coir pallets are supplied ready to be planted with UK native species.


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