Coir tablet

Coconut Coir Products ( our compressed coir pellets are made of coir packed together tightly into pellets. They are 100% biodegradable and are ideal for sowing seeds or as a rooting medium for cuttings. Once water has been added to coir pallets, they swell up to rapidly in the span of about 60 minutes to provide greater are as a growing medium. The bags used to keep the coir peat together is biodegradable as well. So they are an ideal little pallet that can be used in your farms/greenhouses/gardens.


Loading Details

ProductMeasurement/unitLoading (20ft)
25mm coir tablet in coverTablet2160000
32mm coir tablet in coverTablet1350000
38mm coir tablet in coverTablet810000
42mm coir tablet in coverTablet540000

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