Coir pallet

Coconut Coir Products ( coir pallets, also known as coir pillows are made by packing in a layer of coir between two geotextiles. Our coir pallets can hold in seeds firmly and offer an ideal environment for sprouting. The pallets we manufacture are perfect to make river bank protection or floating islands that can be used to create breeding grounds for aquatic animals as well as to trap sediment. Coir retains water and therefore it keeps plant roots moist even in dry weather conditions, while the long-lasting net case holds the coir in place for a long period of time. The thick layer of coir traps sediment and makes for a perfect environment for plants to grow in. Coir pallets are idyllic for rapid establishment of wetlands and aqua nurseries.


Loading Details

ProductMeasurement/unitLoading (40ft)
1 meter X 1 meter Coir pallet with 3kg fibre per pallet Pallet2500
1 meter X 1 meter coir pallet with 4kg fibre per palletPallet1800
1 meter X 1 meter coir pallet with 7kg fibre per palletPallet1200
2 meter X 2 meter coir pallet with 7kg fibre per pallet Pallet1100

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