Coir potting mix

CoirProducts ( coco peat is a multi-use growing medium that is 100% natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly. CoirProducts ( coco peat is made by extracting coir from the coconut husk. The fibrous coconut husk is pre-washed and then machine dried. Thereafter, it is sieved, and any sand and other impurities such as animal and plant residue, are removed. CoirProducts ( coco peat is an ideal alternative to conventional peat moss and rock wool. The high porosity and water retention capacity make the products one of the best growing mediums around for any type of plant or crop. CoirProducts ( coco peat is free from soil borne pathogens and weeds. Coco peat has a pH that falls in a neutral range of 5.7 – 6.5. Such characteristics of coco peat make it ideal for plant growth and for helping the development of healthy root systems.

Coco peat

Microbiological Analysis

CharacteristicTest MethodUnitResultsCoco peat Specification
Salmonella/25 gIS 5887 (Part 3)Cfu/gAbsentNot detected
Escherichia coli/gIS 5887 (Part I)Cfu/gAbsent<10
Coliforms/gIS 5401 (Part 1)Cfu/gAbsent<10
Legionella/ 25g APHA 9260 JCfu/gAbsentNot detected
Listeria/ 25gIS 14988 (Part 1)Cfu/gAbsentNot detected

Physical Properties

CharacteristicTest MethodUnitResultsCoco peat Specification
Dry MatterIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Edition%92.4Min 80
Air Filled Porosity (AFL)IS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Edition%23.2Min 18
Total PorosityIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Edition%96.0Min 90

Chemical Properties

CharacteristicTest MethodUnitResultsCoco peat Specification
Total Organic MatterIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionw/w93.090-98
Organic CarbonIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionw/w4645-49
Ash Content dry basis IS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Edition%6.25Below 10%
Sodium as NaIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/L48.60-50
Ammonical Nitrogen as NH4N
IS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/L43.00-100
Potassium as K2OIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/L21.40-300
Calcium as CaIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/L102.00-150
Magnesium as MgIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/L65.00-100
Nitrate Nitrogen as NO3NIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/L6.00-10
Phosphate as P2O5IS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/L14.20-100
Sulphate as SO4IS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/L89.20-250
Chloride as Cl IS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/L122.00-150
Objectionable Materials
(sticks, stones, glass, metal, plastic, etc)
IS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Edition%Nil0.1
Insect ContaminationIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd EditionNANilNil
Herbicide ContaminationIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd EditionNANilNil
Chemical ContaminationIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd EditionNANilNil
Weed Seed ContaminationIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd EditionNANilNil
pHIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Edition5.965.5-7.0
PAHIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd EditionppmNil1
Electrical ConductivityIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd EditionμS/cm68.3200
PCBIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/kg0.7>0.5
OdorIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd EditionNAAgreeableNatural Odors Only
Shelf Life Expected IS, AOAC & APHA 23rd EditionMonths18.0 Minimum 12
Cadmium as CdIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/kg0.220.75
Chromium as CrIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/kg14.250.0
Copper as CuIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/kg39.0100.0
Lead as PbIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/kg46.0100.0
Zinc as ZnIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/kg62.0200.0
Iron as FeIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/kg104.0200.0
Thallium as TmIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/kgBDL5.0
Bismuth as BiIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/kg15.050
Arsenic as ArIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/kg6.020
Mercury as HgIS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/kgBDL0.5
Nickel as Ni IS, AOAC & APHA 23rd Editionmg/kgBDL25

Note: Due to the nature of the product, these specifications may vary, and the above details are given as a guide only. 


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