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This pack is specially designed for those just beginning to garden.

  • 32mm coircoins (X50)
  • 10cm coir pots (X30)

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Product Description

Looking to start gardening? CoirProducts (www.coirproducts.co.uk) Let Me Try Growing special pack is great to get you started. All our products are 100% natural and biodegradable, easy to use, and are ideal to help promote strong and health root systems in plants. CoirProducts (www.coirproducts.co.uk) coir pots can be used for growing a variety of plants both indoors and outdoors, while CoirProducts (www.coirproducts.co.uk) coir coins can be used in any pot in gardens, nurseries, horticultural farms, and greenhouses. Coir absorbs water well and facilitate air porosity, benefiting plant growth. To use the coircoins, just add water and let the mix expand. Fill the coir pots with the mix, and you are ready to add seeds/plants. Get growing with this starter pack that is ethically produced and sourced.

Pack includes

  • 32mm coircoins (X50)
  • 10cm coir pots (X30)


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