Coir sheets 1m x 5m


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Made from 100% natural and biodegradable coir fibre, CoirProducts Coir Sheet is designed to help control the growth of unwanted weeds and soil erosion. Delivery and VAT is included in the price – so no hidden charges at checkout.

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Combined with a natural rubber latex to hold the fibre together, Coir Sheets are the perfect product to protect your soil. Rather than digging up unwanted weeds and disturbing the soil, our Coir Sheet naturally kills off the weeds and helps maintain the natural soil composition. They are ideal for a variety of growing areas, including gardens, allotments, and backyard slopes as well as bigger growing establishments such as vineyards or crop fields. Coir Sheets are:

  • 100% natural and biodegradable, protecting your soil in an eco-friendly way
  • Ethically produced and sourced, giving you an environmentally sustainable product

How to use:

  • Place on top of the area where you want to protect your soil
  • Secure by using relevant pegs/pins into the ground
  • Based on average usage – 3 pegs/pins per 1 square metre


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