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CoirProducts Coir Pallets (Coir Pillows) are a 100% natural and biodegradable product which has a variety of uses for erosion control and vegetation growth. Available in 1m x 2m, delivery is free to mainland UK and VAT is included in the price – so no hidden charges at checkout.

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Made from the fibres of the coconut husk and wrapped in coir netting, CoirProducts Coir Pallets are an effective sediment control measure with a multitude of purposes:

  • Perfect for mulching in vegetative water channels
  • A natural solution for scour protection
  • Establishing native marginal vegetation around lake edges, streams, riverbanks, and ponds
  • Ideal for creating floating islands, as coir allows plant roots to penetrate through the Coir Pallet, encouraging strong, healthy root systems
  • Helping increase biodiversity of sites by providing habitats for wildlife
  • Can retain water, helping to keep plant roots moist, even in dry weather conditions

We ensure that, as with every product, our Coir Pallets are ethically produced and sourced to give you an environmentally sustainable product of the highest quality.

How to use:

  • For whatever use you require the Coir Pallet for, use relevant pegs/stakes of your choosing to install the Coir Pallets into the area
  • Sow you chosen plant seeds in the Pallet and water well
  • Watch as vegetation begins to thrive and is protect from erosion


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