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100% natural and biodegradable, coir pallets can be used for various purposes. Coir pallets can be used to grow a mix of wetland plants, while they can also be used to help control wind erosion.

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Product Description

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  • An effective sediment control measure
  • Ethically produced and sourced
  • Used for mulching, vegetative water channels, and as a natural solution for scour protection
  • Ideal to establish native marginal vegetation around lake edges, streams, riverbanks, and natural ponds
  • Ideal for creating floating islands
  • A biodegradable alternative to hard revetments
  • Helps increase biodiversity of sites by providing habitat
  • Can retain water, helping to keep plant roots moist even in dry weather condition

How to use

  • To establish vegetation on banks or to protect the water channels, the coir pallets / pillows can be placed in the water channels.

The following sizes are available

  • Coir pallets 1m x 1m
  • Coir pallets 1m x 2m


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