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CoirProducts Coco Peat is a multi-purpose growing medium, 100% natural and completely peat-free. This is a special pack which has 7 blocks of 3kg coco peat (250L of coir). Delivery cost and VAT is included in the price – so no hidden costs at checkout.


Product Description

Product Description

CoirProducts Coco Peat, made from the dust and fibres of the coconut husk, is a 100% natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly peat-free growing medium. The ideal alternative to peat-based products for all varieties of plants and crops, Coco Peat is designed to get your garden flourishing in the most environmentally sustainable way. As a multi-purpose product, it can be used in nurseries, gardens, allotments, greenhouses, lawns, and patios, to name a few locations. Coco Peat is:

  • Ethically produced and sourced – we oversee every step of the manufacturing process to make sure that our Coco Peat is of the highest quality and completely natural, never using harmful chemicals
  • Free from soil-borne pathogens and weeds, so your plants are 100% protected and safe

Characteristics of Coco Peat also include
At CoirProducts, our aim is to promote peat-free, eco-friendly, sustainable products for your gardening and growing. Our Coco Peat has a neutral pH, averaging between 5.7 and 6.5. This encourages healthy root systems and prevents soil acidification. Coco Peat also has good aeration and water drainage, to prevent over-watering and plant flooding. As a multi-purpose product, Coco Peat also makes an ideal animal bedding for reptiles. The 5kg brick creates approximately 70 litres in volume when expanded.

How to use

  • Add lukewarm water to hydrate the Coco Peat – the water will be absorbed and the brick will begin to break apart
  • Stir and fluff the Coco Peat – add more water if needed
  • Add the required nutrients to suit your plants
  • It is now ready to be used – you either place in on the ground in your garden, or in a pot/container

*Please note: due to the nature of the product, there can be variation of the final weight.


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