Plastic-free growing with CoirProducts

Plastic-free growing with CoirProducts

With July almost here, we’re stepping into Plastic Free July! At CoirProducts, we do not use any unnecessary plastics in our packaging or in our operations, making conscious efforts to be environmentally-friendly in all aspects of our work. As gardeners and growers look towards becoming more sustainable, read on to learn more about how you can go plastic-free with CoirProducts when it comes to growing and gardening. 

What is plastic-free July

Plastic-free July is a global movement that is aimed at raising awareness about the harmful impacts of plastics, and encouraging people worldover to be a part of the solution to plastic pollution. This month is dedicated to focusing on reducing the use of single-use plastic whether it’s at home, work, school, or local community. 

Why is plastic harmful? 

Plastic material, including single-use plastics like plastic bags or bottles, are especially harmful to the environment, often ending up as deadly waste in landfills and oceans, causing devastating impacts on wildlife and ecosystems. Countless animals are killed by plastic, with animals often mistaking shredded plastic bags for food. 

Furthermore, when disposable plastics degrade in the environment, they also emit several greenhouse gases. It has been estimated that plastics account for around 3.8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, thus seriously threatening the wellbeing of the planet and the people. With the demand for plastics continuing to grow, taking even the smallest actions to say ‘no’ to unnecessary plastics is urgent. 

Plastic material and gardening

Various types of plastics continue to be used in gardens, including plastic plant pots, seed trays, and plant labels. Plastics are sometimes preferred as they are convenient to use, lightweight, cheap, and easily available. Yet, taking stock of the plastic material you use in your gardens, doing some research to better understand their adverse impact on the environment, and taking steps to make little changes where you can, goes a long way. 

Why CoirProducts

Coir is a natural, organic, and peat-free material. Coir-based products are made from the natural fibrous material extracted from the husk of the coconut. It is thus a waste product of the coconut industry. At CoirProducts, we ensure there are no unnecessary plastics used throughout our operations, and there is minimal harm on the environment in the work we do. As we are directly involved in the manufacturing process, we know exactly how our products are made. Unlike plastics, coir also biodegrades, enriching the soil over time. 

A convenient and cost-effective alternative to plastics with CoirProducts  

One of the reasons we established is because we saw an urgent gap in the market for high quality plastic-free horticultural products available at economical prices as well as being easily accessible, especially for those wishing to buy in smaller quantities. Bringing a wide array of plastic-free and peat-free horticultural products, since our inception, we have offered the largest portfolio of coir-based products in the UK. All our products are also easy and convenient to use, while most of our products are lightweight. 

Additional advantages of using CoirProducts

As coir is a completely natural material, there are added benefits of using coir-based products. With the environmental impacts of peat-based products documented, significant among them is that, coir is completely peat-free

In addition, growing with CoirProducts also helps plants develop strong and healthy root systems. Coir has the ability to retain water and moisture well, without the material becoming too clogged. Thus coir allows roots to remain well aerated, even after heavy watering. A special benefit of coir pots, as opposed to plastic pots, is that plant roots can go through the coir, which means there is no transplanting shock when repotting. 

Easy and versatile growing with CoirProducts

Our coir products are also easy-to-use. To use any CoirProducts coir potting mix, such as the coco peat blocks, bricks, or coir discs, just add water and let the mix expand. Once expanded, stir and fluff out the coir, then you are ready to place your seeds. Each product gives a specific volume of coir. If using CoirProducts coir pots, you can add a sufficient amount of our coir potting mix, following the details on our website. CoirProducts coircoins are ideal for sowing a variety of seeds and for root cuttings, while we also have a range of other plastic-free products for growing. We also have coir seedling trays and a range of unique coir bundles to choose from. 

Making a difference with CoirProducts

At CoirProducts, we believe in making a difference in how we garden and grow our own. Our products are also ideal for sowing and growing various types of plants and crops, and for using both indoors and outdoors. At CoirProducts, we continue to bring you the perfect alternative to plastics when it comes to gardening. Convenient, versatile, easy-to-use, and economically-priced, our coir products are ideal for more plastic-free and peat-free growing. While Plastic Free July is great for getting started on making those small changes, with CoirProducts, you can continue to be plastic-free in gardening throughout. 

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