Make gardening fun and easy with eco-friendly and peat-free coir bundles from

Make gardening fun and easy with eco-friendly and peat-free coir bundles from

Introducing another first to the market, (of Salike Limited), offers a unique and distinct range of coir bundles. With over 25 bundles to choose from, they combine some of our popular sustainable coir products. Available at specially discounted prices, these bundles have been carefully crafted to suit the diverse needs of growers and gardeners. Natural, biodegradable, and peat-free, all our coir products are manufactured to meet the highest industry standards, with minimal harm on the environment.

A sustainable waste product of the coconut industry, coir-based products are made with the natural fibrous material extracted from the husk of the coconut. (of Salike Limited) was the first UK-based company to offer a wide and distinct range of coir products under one platform to the retail sector. There are over 155 product varieties available, with a further 48 product varieties to be launched this year. Whether it’s for sowing or for indoor growing, whether you want to grow herbs or garden with family, here is something for everyone with our unique coir bundles.

We have a selection of bundles that are ideal to get you sowing this season. Our ‘Let’s Sow with CoirProducts’ special pack contains 200 coircoins (50 of each of our four distinct sizes). CoirProducts coircoins have high germination rates. In addition, the ‘Oh Coir’ bundle, combining a selection of coir pots, coir discs, and coircoins, and the ‘Sow with Coco Pots’ bundle, with a selection of coir pots, are also ideal for sowing a variety of plants and crops.

For those new to gardening, our ‘Grow with Coir Starter Pack’ and ‘10L+ Coir Discs Starter Pack’ are ideal to get to know our versatile coir products and how you can use them in your gardens. Our ‘Hydroponic Grower’ pack contains a selection of growbags that are ideal for indoor or outdoor gardening, while we also have special packs for seasoned growers. Our range of coir pots bundles includes our newly launched ‘Size Matters’ pack containing seven pots of each of the popular sizes we offer. There are also combo coir pots bundles for those looking to grow larger plants, vines and creepers, or looking to grow indoors.

We’ve also got some exciting bundles for those gardening with children. With a combination of some of our smaller-sized coir products, our kids bundles are perfect for children who want to help you out with gardening, whether it’s all about them creating their own playground with our coir products or taking on a new hobby. Our special kids bundles, ‘My Kid’s Playground’, ‘My Little Gardener’, and ‘My Secret Hobby’, also come with a fun activities book for children. You can also choose from our special ‘Coir Family Pack

All our products are easy-to-use. The natural properties of coir means our coir products have high water holding capacity and air porosity, as well as excellent drainage, which benefit plant growth. Having been in the industry since 2006, we monitor all aspects of the manufacturing process through our teams on the ground. As we are directly involved in the manufacturing process, we know exactly where our products come from and how the raw material is sourced. We ensure that ethical business practices are followed throughout our operations, and there is minimal harm on the environment in producing and sourcing our products. We communicate with our customers and partners honestly, fairly, and openly, providing high quality products, competitive pricing and timely delivery. As a purpose-driven company, every decision we make is done so with the utmost concern and care for people and the environment.

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