Gardening with kids with

Gardening with kids with

May 28 – June 5 is National Children’s Gardening week. 

Enjoy special discounts on our unique kids’ bundles throughout the week.

The benefits of encouraging children to spend time in the garden and getting them involved in gardening activities are indeed wide-ranging. Gardening helps children develop a range of skills, improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing, and also learn more about nature and the planet. Here are some widely recognised benefits of gardening for children: 

Helps children stay healthy: Gardening keeps you active, and it’s a great way for children to burn off their energy and stress. Spending time in nature is also known to improve one’s mental health and wellbeing. 

Helps with children’s sensory development: Gardening is not only fun, but the more time children spend outdoors, the more they get to feel different textures like soil, seeds, flowers, wood, petals, and leaves. They can also smell all those wonderful scents, see the different colours, and listen to the different sounds they’ll come across in the gardens. 

Encourages healthy eating: With the pick-eaters, if you encourage your children to grow their own vegetables, perhaps, they might be interested in eating them as well. After all, how can they resist eating those amazing veggies they’ve grown themselves! And you could also make use of this opportunity to talk to your children more about the health benefits of growing their own. 

Helps them learn more about plants and the environment and better connect with nature: Gardening involves science. So it’s a great way to help children learn more about plant varieties and life cycles, how food is grown, the soil, the weather, and the seasons. It is also a wonderful way to help children learn more about nature, especially in encouraging them to care for the environment we live in, and showing them how even the smallest acts can make a difference, while at the same time, fostering their curiosity about the world around them. 

Helps children learn patience and other important virtues: Caring for a plant is a lot harder than it looks, but of course, without proper care, the plant wouldn’t be able to grow. This would be an invaluable lesson children would learn through gardening. By encouraging children to grow their own seeds and care for them daily, children can learn virtues such as patience and responsibility. 

It helps create new bonds: Gardening is an activity that many can get involved in. While it’s a fun and useful activity for the whole family, perhaps your children want to get involved in a school or community gardening project? Gardening can help children make new friends and connections, which in turn, can help them build their self confidence. 

It’s fun and helps enhance their creativity: Gardening is not just about planting! There are fun nature arts and crafts activities you can encourage your children to do. 

At, we want to encourage more and more children to spend time in their garden. Our unique kids bundles are specially designed for the curious grower. They combine a selection of our natural, sustainable, and peat-free coir pots, coircoins, and coir discs. With three distinct bundles to choose from, the My Kid’s Playground Bundle, My Little Gardener Bundle, and for older kids, the My Secret Hobby Bundle, they are all about nurturing the imagination of children. 

Our kids bundles also come complete with a fun activities book for younger children. With our activities book, children can find words in a word search, tell us all about the creatures you find in your garden, or draw a picture of their garden. 

Our products can be used for growing a variety of plants and crops. They are also easy to use. We are directly involved in the manufacturing process of these products, and our teams on the ground monitor all aspects of the production process, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards. All our products are ethically produced and sourced, and there is minimal environmental harm in producing them. So when you buy from us, you are guaranteed a product that has been produced with the utmost care and concern for the people and the planet. 

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