Expand your growing methods with hanging baskets

Expand your growing methods with hanging baskets

If you’re thinking about what to add to your growing collection next year, why not consider hanging baskets?

Not only do hanging baskets help you save space when it comes to growing, but they also add a touch of vibrancy whether you choose to grow plants indoors or outdoors. Here are some easy and popular plants that you can grow in hanging baskets.


Hanging baskets bring so many benefits to growing strawberries. Firstly, if you have a small garden, or a garden with limited space left, strawberries can grow just as easily in a hanging basket. Because of the height of the basket, you strawberries are out of reach of any pests which may try to eat the fruits before you do. And with hanging baskets, you can easily change the location of them to suit the plant’s needs, for example, moving the plant where it can get more direct sunlight. Day-neutral varieties of strawberries are best for hanging baskets, as they produce small fruits with no runners. Baskets which are lined with coir are excellent for growing strawberries. If you happen to have or purchase no-lined baskets, line them with CoirProducts mulch mats, available in a range of sizes, or cut your own from our coir sheet.


Fuchsias are one of the most popular flowers planted in hanging baskets. Much-loved for their hanging, bell-shaped, multi-coloured flowers, Fuchsias bloom successfully in hanging baskets. Trailing varieties often grow best in hanging baskets, because the flowers flop down as they grow. Plant these around the edge of the basket and the flowers will be spilling beautifully over the edge. Some popular trailing varieties include ‘Blush of Dawn’ which produces pink and purple flowers, ‘Harry Gray’ has mostly white flowers blooming, and ‘Dark Eyes’ which have deep red and purple flowers. The flowers last long all summer, and do best when placed out of direct sunlight, both indoor and outdoor.

Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Million Bells are another popular plant grown in outdoor hanging baskets. They bloom continuously through the growing season, and their flowers attract butterflies and bees. The bell-like flowers come in a range of colours like lavender, blue, pink, red, magenta, yellow, orange, coral and white. Get them as plug plants in early spring or as garden-ready plants from late spring to summer.

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes grow best in hanging baskets which are around 35cm in diameter, and in baskets with good depth. It is important to plant tomatoes deep into the potting mix chosen as they have strong root systems. Choose a sunny, sheltered site for growing your tomatoes and keep plants well-watered. There will be lush plants within weeks. Once your tomatoes are red all over, they are ready to eat. And don’t worry about rushing to pick them, as they generally last a long time in the vine. In fact, freshly picked tomatoes will taste better than ones left in the fridge for a few days.


If you have a hanging basket in a shady spot, then you are definitely in need of some begonias. Begonias are well known for growing in a variety of colours including red, pink, white, orange, and yellow. If you choose to plant them from seed, be careful as Begonia seeds are very small, delicate and vulnerable. They should be sown on the surface of the compost as light is needed for germination. Cover the plants adequately. Water regularly during dry periods but avoid wetting the foliage.

Hanging baskets are great for all types of gardeners. Whether you have no garden but want to add some colour to your home, or want to fill up space in your garden, hanging baskets are ideal. When lined with coir, they are excellent producers of a variety of plants, flowers, and crops. At CoirProducts, we have Coir hanging baskets liners, which are thick, long-lasting, and absorbent. They hold water and release it slowly to keep the soil moist and healthy. Hanging baskets can also hold moisture and nutrients for a long period of time. The coir liners of the hanging baskets allow plant roots to penetrate, which helps the growth of healthy root systems. Shop online at www.coirproducts.co.uk.

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