Go peat-free with CoirProducts
Peat moss has long been one of the popular ingredients used by gardeners and growers in compost mixes and sowing. Gardeners have been particularly drawn to peat given their ability to retain moisture, hold nutrients, and provide a good soil structure. Yet, the harvesting of peat bogs has had serious impacts on climate change, with […]
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What to do in your garden in June
It’s summer, and there is plenty to keep you busy in your gardens this season. Read on to find out what you can grow and do in your garden this June.  You can continue sowing salad crops like beetroot, lettuce, pak choi, and radishes, among others. Try to sow leafy salad crops in a place […]
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Cleaning up your garden in spring
Whether it’s removing those dead plants or fallen branches, keeping your garden clean and healthy is important for plant growth and for reducing the potential for disease and the growth of unwanted weeds during the growing months. Dead plants, stems, and leaves not only make a garden look bad, but can also cause disease and […]
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“Learn to work with nature”
Meet our Featured Grower, @jays_permacultureallotment. In this blog post, Jason shares with us his gardening journey and how studying permaculture gave him invaluable insights into making the most of gardening. He talks about what he loves to grow and how he finds inspiration from nature. He also tells us how he turned some of his […]
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