A Huge Learning Curve
In this week’s Garden Story, we spoke to @Marie 4_muddy_boots who shared with us her gardening journey. From spending all their spare time clearing out the totally overgrown plot they got back in 2016 to learning about organic methods of gardening, Marie reflects on a journey that has been an invaluable learning curve. Reflecting on […]
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It isn’t a big challenge to become a more sustainable gardener
At CoirProducts, we not only strive to ensure that our products are safe and healthy for the environment, but we are always making efforts to oversee that our packaging is also eco-friendly. Over the last year, we have reduced our use in plastic packaging by introducing more sustainable alternatives; reusable Fairtrade cotton bags, recyclable cardboard […]
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We’re really focussed on sustainable gardening
At CoirProducts, we’re always talking about the benefits that gardening brings into our lives. We previously wrote a blog post about the physical and mental health benefits of it. We’ve also discussed why gardening is so important for our planet, and how it can bring people closer together. Gardening can mean something different to each […]
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I’ve really understood not to fight against the natural balance of the plot
Every gardener will have their own traditions, habits, techniques, and tips, which is why hearing each gardener’s story can be so fascinating, as you can learn so many different things. For newbies, gardening may seem a bit daunting, it does take time and care, there can be a lot of different products involved and different […]
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The work of a gardener never ends!
We recently spoke with Abby – an avid gardener who grows in allotments. We asked her some questions about her own gardening experiences, including what she grows, tips for new gardeners, and any future plans she has for her allotment and garden. 1.How and when did you start your gardening journey? “I’ve always been a […]
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