Business practices of

Business practices of

Our business ethics are something we are proud of. We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our business, so that when our products reach you, you can genuinely be satisfied knowing that there was no willful harm and damage caused to our environment or the people whose hard work that went into creating them.

Our partners manufacture our products in accordance with the highest international standards to ensure that you get to enjoy the results you expect, including durability. We adhere to a completely environmentally sustainable policy on all of our products, which means that you will not be damaging nature in using them. is also passionate about the cottage industries and empowering small businesses. In light of large companies dominating the coir industries of Sri Lanka and India, many small and media scale coir business owners, who were flourishing formerly, are now facing many difficulties. Our initiatives to work with them has been taken in an attempt to assist this hard working and deserving local talent face up to their competition and continue to stay in business and protect their livelihood.

By buying from you are contributing towards our efforts to help communities and uplift small and medium businesses and the cottage industries

As a responsible company, we pride ourselves in adopting ethical practices in all stages of our work, ensuring fair pricing, high quality, efficient services, empowering our staff, and reducing harmful impacts on the environment. Driven by a strong work ethic, we are committed to working with you to help you secure our environmentally sustainable coir products.

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